Fire Safety Message

LEARNING INTENTION: We are learning to create an effective safety message.

What can we make our message about? Here are some ideas from DFES:

  • Being alert and aware of unsafe situations
  • Responding to friends when they are being unsafe with lighters/matches
  • Seeking help
  • Staying calm
  • Responding to fire (Home Fire Escape Plan e.g. smoke alarm, crawling low under smoke, meeting at the letter box; Triple Zero) Indicating on a local map the location of safe places

Use the Pages app on your iPad to create an infographic about one of these. Steps:

  • Open Pages App
  • New document
  • Choose a template: Visual Report
  • Google search for one image to fit your topic
  • Create a slogan – a catchy sentence for your message.
  • Looking good? Try some editing tools to make it look fantastic.

Pasta Cars

Our learning intentions:

Design and Technologies: We are learning to design a contest.

Personal and Social Learning: We are learning to collaborate on a design task

Science: We are learning to explain how forces can be exerted by one object on another


Follow the links to create a news report about these events in our history:

Mrs Dance chops down the first tree in Perth
Jandamarra at the Battle of Winjana Gorge 
The opening of the Goldfields Pipeline
The funeral of Moon Chow
The death of Stanley Harrison, timberman
The hanging of John Gavin
Rosendo Salvado gives a concert
Henry Wildman tries to escape
The Catalpa convict escape
The death of Yagan
WA celebrates self-government
The rescue of Varischetti

Shipwreck Museum

This term the Year 4 students visited the Shipwrecks Museum in Fremantle. In teams, they explored the artefacts in the Museum, then created movies using the iPad app Book Creator. These movies can be found below. Please leave a comment to give them feedback or to ask them a question about their discoveries.


Akinshola, Sayuri, Christie and Dylan from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Zoey, Cana, Zoe and Tom from brette lockyer on Vimeo.




Welcome to our Inquiry ‘Cotton On To This!’

Our Central Idea: Production of goods is determined by people, place, economic and environmental factors.

Our Lines of Inquiry:

  • Cotton goes through a process from farm to consumer.
  • Cotton production, use and re-use affects the environment.
  • We can take action to reduce the negative effects of cotton production.
  • Factors affect where, how and why cotton is grown, processed and sold.

Scroll through this HaikuDeck and apply your See-Think-Wonder thinking routine.



A History in Trees

We are learning to …

Students investigate these moments in history, and make a pitch whether their ‘Tree Story’ belongs on the class Capzle timeline. The class Capzle timeline will also include the future: for example, future uses for Sandalwood, future celebrations on the Mrs Dance site. This will entail design thinking and Design and Technologies Curriculum.


Mrs Dance chopping down tree


oak tree in Stirling Gardens

Eastern wheatbelt woodland drive in rAC magazine last year

treetop walk in kings park and walpole

karridale timeberworker’s death

the lolly tree- acacia gum trading between indigenous groups

morrels in wheatbelt

giant log in Kings Park

tree in Star Swamp shows scar from bark cutting by indigenous people

Derby prison tree

lefroy olive trees

proclamation tree

Guildford avenue trees – fight for preservation

My notes:

Critical to get the students themselves to generate questions. I provide sources.

how can students’ passion for history spread to their families?


Curious about a person mentioned in the Statues Project? Ask your question or state your wonderings here in the comments.

Got a suggestion for a person to be featured in my Statues Talk? Let me know here.