Emoji Project 1

We are learning how to use and create visual language, focusing on emojis. We are thinking about how to use emojis confidently and appropriately for communicating in and out of school.

We are learning to read emojis, asking the big question: what is the author trying to make me think or do?

We are learning about other graphic messages such as logos, animated GIFs and digital games.


TASK 1: Elroy hates using sunscreen! Perhaps a different logo on the tube might help? Design a logo for sunscreen that will encourage 4 year-old Elroy to use it. Use the iPad app Assembly.


TASK 2: The Poo Emoji: why would people choose to use or not? What might this symbol mean to different people? Record your thoughts in a comment on this blog post.

125 thoughts on “Emoji Project 1

  1. I think people would choose to use the poop emoji, because some people do not like typing so they will send the poop emoji instead of typing that why are in the toilet.
    i think the poop emoji means a lot of different things to people.
    1. I am on the toilet.
    2. You stink
    and 3. you are the worst.
    from Emily M

  2. I think the poop emoji is used in lots of different ways.
    here are some examples:
    1. to let someone know you are going to the toilet
    2. to be funny

  3. people use it because it is so random it is the same reason some people laugh at things like poo and other things and stuff
    it means to some people that it is a ridiculous piece of turd others a funny add to the internet and some a random piece of derp

  4. i think it might be a way to communicate when you are angry at someone or saying that you stink or smell. i really dont know what its used for… LOL

  5. I think that the poop emoji is used for mostly laughs or if someone is talking about poop or if a person stepped in poop and telling someone else via text.

  6. I use the poop emoji when I think something bad so, like a pizza, i don’t like I would message my friends (i just ate a pizza and it was 💩)

  7. I think that this symbol could be funny, offensive, saying that they need to go to the toilet, saying that something smells and finally this symbol could mean to some people that somethings gross or disgusting.

  8. Hi Mrs. Lockyer, i deeply think that the
    ‘Poo Emoji’ is mainly for having fun while you text. With the ‘Poo Emoji’ ,you can send others such as friends and family, how you feel. (happy)

    From Elliot S, 6H

  9. i think that the poo emoji could be used for fun. also it could be used to represent that you are in the toilet to save time and words. Also it might be used to mean some negative words.

  10. I would use the poop emoji when I am being funny or if I have stepped in dog poop. I would use it when i’m being silly or if i stink.

  11. /I think the poop emoji means Maybe away to say “Ahaha bad luck” like for example lets say a friend sent you a picture of a person that accidently dropped ice-cream on them then you would reply the poop emoji cuz it might mean bad luck?

  12. I think you might use the poop emoji when trying to be funny, silly and humorous. Or, if you make a silly mistake that isn’t a big deal, for example, when you are texting someone and you mis-spell a word. You might text back with the correct spelling, and one or more poop emojis. They are just a lighthearted, frivolous way to text or joke around.

  13. I think that the poop emoji resembles a way to say:
    1. Nasty things to other people without being caught
    2. A way to not swear
    3. Saying gross or yuck
    4. to text to someone when something happened that they do not like

  14. well they could be happy or sad or say something is bad so if you don’t like a person and i say i’m not going with that person there 💩

  15. I think that people will use the poo emoji to be silly or funny to their friends for a joke. Most of the time I don’t think it would be serious

  16. Personally I have never used the poop emoji in a text or message. However I do believe people may use it as fun or describe the way they are feeling, for example if you are feeling really funny or silly so instead of using people emojis you could have a little fun and use the poop emoji.

  17. I would think it means that you are smelly and you stink, because of what it looks like .But then by the use of people such as putting it on cupcakes would suggest that it has a friendlier meaning.
    I would think that you would only communicate it to your friends and family because they might have a better understanding of what it means, and then i would communicate it in private to avoid other people getting a mixed message about what you feel.

  18. I think that the poop emoji is used for joking purposes. Say if you dislike something that is happening and you want to text a friend jokingly about it, then the poop emoji would be in use.
    I think that poop emojis would mean different things to different people though. I would not recommend to use the poop emoji on formal occasions.

  19. I think people would use it to be funny or to make someone to laugh. But i would use it if I did not like something or just to be funny.

  20. I think that people can use this emoji for different meanings because it’s appearance is saying different things like: It is smiling so its happy. It is a poop so it is smelly. And this means people could use this emoji when they cant be bothered to type and they want to say things like: “I am so excited!” “I am happy!” “Something smells bad!”

  21. I think people use the poop emoji when texting privately to friends to be silly or funny. They also would use the poop emoji when they have made a mistake in their text, don’t take this emoji to seriously!

  22. I think that the poop emoji is used for when you are feeling happy because it is smiling. I use it when I am joking or having fun. it is a happy emoji and not for bad thoughts.

  23. I think the poo emoji on the sunscreen container would encourage young Elroy to Slip, Slap, Slop…young kids love talking about poo and all things yucky!!
    How about brown sunscreen?
    Now you’re talkin’…

  24. I would want to use the poop emoji if I had sunburn, especially if I hadn’t used sunscreen, but only to a friend who would ‘get’ the emoji.
    A :-0 might be better in a message to someone older, not so friendly, or my Nanna 🤶🏻

  25. I think that people will use it because it is:
    1. Funny
    2. They are on the toilet
    3. They use it to describe
    4. They might use it instead of a smiley face
    5. Tell that they are going to take a while because they are on the toilet

  26. I think that people might use the poo emoji to say in an emoji form something was really bad. Sample text: Wow, dinner at John’s house was 💩. Or, you could use it in a serious manner. Sample text: I really need 2 💩. Or, U could use it to say that you had chocolate mousse that day. Sample text: I had 💩 for dessert last night. It was totes delicious! Warning: this can become confusing.

  27. The Poo emoji when apple first released it was intended to be used as a chocolate soft serve ice-cream. I would use the poo emoji to tell my mum when she is out that our cat has done a poo because we are not allowed to use the poop scooper. I would also use it when me and my dad are playing sports against each other. To some people if they receive it they may think it is an offensive message but to others they may take as a joke or a message about someone taking a poo.

  28. I think the poo emoji means something bad happened for you, but your still happy, or normal. A good example is like losing a file on your computer, or losing a toy or something. I think people wouldn’t use it because it is very informal, and even if you want to project a happy emoji, you can use the smile emoji. The poop emoji is like a informal version of the smile emoji, this would be used more in informal messages with a friend.

  29. I think people use the poo emoji because it can be used …
    1. As a funny joke
    2. To say it is disgusting/ give them a hint something is disgusting
    3. To tell them you are at the toilets
    4. To tell them you need to go to the toilets
    5. To tell them you are pooping so it will take a while
    This symbol can be taken as a joke or a serious thing. If it is a serious thing it can tell them where you are. If it is a joke it is there to make you laugh. It depends on how you look at the emoji.

  30. I think that people would only use it to be funny because the people use poo for jokes because people it can be funny. But people can also use it for serious matters. Like i have to poo. People can use it for a reason when something is bad. For example, This assignment was poo

  31. I think that if the person you are talking to is a friend or family member then I think that you could use it for a joke, but if it is a teacher or someone you aren’t really friends with then it wouldn’t be ok because they may not understand the joke or what you are trying to say. For example if someone at school asks how was the cupcakes I brought in then you sent the poo emoji they might know what you mean and they may feel offend. So if you are close friends then I think it is ok but not if they aren’t a friend of yours. This symbol may mean bad, chocolate mouse, happy and funny. People from different ages have different opinions and different view on what it might mean. So when you use the poo emoji be careful of who you are sending it to.

  32. I think that people would use it for a joke because some people can use poo as i funny reason but personally i don’t think it is funny. It can also be used for something bad. For example, This assignment was poo

  33. People might use this to show:
    That they are going to the toilet
    That they are on the toilet
    As a funny text to cheer up there friend
    Instead of saying something was really bad, they could send POOP EMOJI
    And also when apple created the poop emoji, they let it come out as a chocolate soft serve ice-cream. But some people would not realize that you are joking about the poop emoji. Some people do think that emojis are useless and waste both of the sender, and the reader. So you have to be very careful and know how the person is going to react!

  34. I would use the poop emoji for fun because it’s amusing, but some people might use it to say that they are going to the toilet. A person might not use it because they might find it weird and wrong due to the smiley face on the poo. Another reason why is because they might find it inappropriate for texting. This symbol could be used to day that they are happy but in a funny way. The poo makes it very odd but the smiley face makes it happy-like.

  35. There are many reasons why they would use it or not like:
    A. If you are going to poo
    B. If you are pooing
    C. If you feel poo
    D. If your meal is poo
    E. If you think you look poo
    F. To describe something
    Why not to use the poo emoji:
    A. If you aren’t feeling poo
    B. If your meal was amazing
    C. If you had an amazing sleep and you don’t feel poo
    People might not think that the poo isn’t a poo emoji, people think that it is an chocolate ice cream without a cup or a cone.

  36. The poop emoji does not have a good purpose. If you think about it, you could be a dumb kid could use it as a prank. You could say I need to go to the toilet when you don’t and you don’t come back so now your parents will start to worry.

  37. I used this Emoji once by saying to my Mum because she was out shopping, that my toilet was locked that I needed REALLY go 💩. She immediately rushed to the Check out and returned home driving like a drag racer then she unlocked the toilet and I rushed into the toilet with relief. I often my family uses this emoji as a joke because once I caught my sister spamming my Mum with Poop Emojis and I scared her and then the message sent to my Mum. She said to me “Oh no” then I heard my Mum laughing from her bedroom. Most people around the world would use this as a joke because when I was in Japan (One of the Largest Cities in the world) I saw a huge billboard with a Poop Emoji on it.

  38. I would use the poop emoji to tell my mum or dad through a text that I don’t want to do something so when they say we need to go somewhere, and I don’t want to I would just send a poop emoji. Some people might not want to use it because they find it disrespectful, so when you don’t want to do something, and you send a poop emoji they would take that as a no and you’re disrespecting them. I would also use it for a joke.

  39. You could use the poo emoji to be humorous to other people you could also use the poo emoji to tell people that it was a bad day or food if your parents are out you could also use the poo emoji to to tell people that you are going to the toilet or that you are telling people to hurry up on the toilet other people could take this emoji as offense also to use the poo emoji to make sense you would have to make a coverstaion the poo emoji actually is meant to meant be a chocolate ice-cream

  40. • They might need to go to do a poo
    • They might use it as a joke
    • They might use it to tell someone that their meal tasted like poo
    • They might use it to tell someone there happy in a funny way

    • They might not use it because they might get the wrong message
    • They might not because it wouldn’t be irrelevant to the conversation

    • On rare occasions it can be interpreted as chocolate ice-cream or chocolate chips

  41. People would choose to use the poo emoji to sometimes complain like I have to go for a walk💩 to their friend or if you were sick you could say I fell 💩 to your parent if you fell sick and you want to come home. You could also use the poo emoji to say you are going to the toilet like be right back 💩 to a friend or parent, and if you have a little brother/sister you could text your parents she/he 💩.

  42. I think that people might use this emoji to tell others that they are feeling down, or they are having a bad day. They might also use it to say it in a funny way. If someone is a conserved or blunt person they might interpret this emoji as uncaring and not necessary.

  43. They might not use it because:
    1.It is to silly and they might see it as something that kids do
    2.Some people think it is rude or offensive
    3.They get confused with what it is meant to mean
    4.They might think it is useless

  44. I think that some people might use it to tell someone that they are going to the bathroom, but some people use it inappropriately by saying something funny such as dinner was bad, or I am doing a poo don’t leave without me. The ice-cream emoji is the poo emoji on a cone. Some people use it in a funny such as I need to walk the dog💩 which means I don’t what to walk the dog.

  45. I think people would use this emoji in different ways. You can use it to describe something (if it was bad). Or as a funny message (maybe if someone did something annoying). An example is someone ate the last muffin). People could use this to tell other they are on the toilet or they need to go to the toilet. Or people might use this to say the had chocolate soft serve ice-cream, but this can be interpreted incorrectly. I would only use this with my friends and family that would understand.

  46. I don’t think that all people will use the poo emoji because some adults would think it would be inappropriate to have a poo emoji in a work email. I think that children would use the poo emoji because they would use it as a joke and send it to their friends and families. I don’t think that they would send poo emojis to strangers because it would be embracing but also of Stranger Danger.
    A few examples of using a poo emoji in a conversation are:
    1. I need to go and (Poo Emoji)
    2. Dinner was (Poo Emoji)
    3. Homework is (Poo Emoji)

  47. people use this emoji because they think this is silly, funny or telling them that they need to go to the toilet.

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