Microblitz- a holiday project

Microblitz is a project run by a research team from the University of Western Australia. People from all over Western Australia are helping the project to collect soil samples for testing. The information will be used to study how to improve our environment, including our water quality.


Check out the Microblitz website with your family. Decide whether your family would like to participate and get your parents to join up. Are you going anywhere different these holidays, particularly in country areas? There might be good opportunities to take samples where you are going.
Leave a comment to tell us what you think of the project, and if you have signed up and participated in the holidays. What do you think the connection between soil and water quality is?


As part of our celebrations for Harmony Day, we are getting together with our Year Five buddy classes to play the traditional board game, Mancala. Played all over the world, this game goes by many other names, including Kalahari, Wari, Congkak, and O-Wa-Ree.
With your family, watch the YouTube clip on how to play Mancala. Then teach one of your family members how to play. Leave a comment telling us who you played and how the game went. Do you have any tips for someone to win the game?

Goggles and Spike and the Calendar

Goggles and Spike work out how many sleeps until Goggles’ birthday. Using a calendar and the strategy of counting on in his head, Goggles shows Spike how to get it right.

Can you work out how many sleeps it is until your next birthday? Write the answer in your comment,a dn tell us how you worked it out.

MATHS CHALLENGE!:  What maths did Goggles and Spike need to know to make this movie? Write this in your comments here.

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