As part of our celebrations for Harmony Day, we are getting together with our Year Five buddy classes to play the traditional board game, Mancala. Played all over the world, this game goes by many other names, including Kalahari, Wari, Congkak, and O-Wa-Ree.
With your family, watch the YouTube clip on how to play Mancala. Then teach one of your family members how to play. Leave a comment telling us who you played and how the game went. Do you have any tips for someone to win the game?

21 thoughts on “Mancala

  1. I played with my dad. I won by 6. We played with dominos. I think you should chose the biggest group because you will go further around the board.

  2. I explained to my mum how to play mancala tonight.mum said we should try and play using marbles on the weekend.I think I will beat my mum.

  3. I told my dad all about Mancala and how we learnt about it at school. We watched the video totether. My dad got me the game from the AppStore. We played a few rounds. It was great fun!

  4. I watched the clip of mancala with my mum and dad. They said they are good at playing mancala because they used to play it a lot when they were little. My mum said she will buy mancala game so she can teach me how to play mancala very well.

  5. I taught my mum how to play with marbles and muffin cups. I won the game by two marbles! My tip for others is its easier when you play someone who hasn’t played before!!! I can’t wait to play with my grandparents on grandparents day!

    • That was a good idea to use marbles and muffin cups, Chelsea. I like your tip about playing someone who has not played before. I think your grandparents will really like your board design.
      Ms Lockyer

  6. I played with my mum. My mum is really good she won 3 times. It’s her favorite game. She taught me to have your last bean end up in your big store to get another turn. Also if your last bean lands in a store that is empty on your side under the other player’s beans you get to put them in your big store.

  7. HI Mrs Lockyer I played Mancala on the weekend I versed my mum first. I got the counters in the store about 4 times in one go. I was one move behind my mum then she moved it and she got all her counters out of her squares. So she won never mind. Then I versed my dad my dad was very good at it. He got about 8 in the store at a time. I got a few in the store. I was a few moves behind my dad but dad won by a few counters. I made my board with a piece of scrap paper. Then I drew 6 squares on each side. We used lego bricks as seeds. It was good fun.

  8. I taught my dad how to play Mancala. I played Mancala on the ipad. My dad is a good player. But, he got confused in the beginning of the game because of the capture rule. So I told him the capture rule- if you have one seed in one pit and none in the one next to it and some in the opponent’s side, you put those seeds in your store. The result of our game was a tie.

  9. I watched the video with my parents. They played a similar game called congkak when they were growing up in Malaysia. We will try to play the game this weekend.

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