Microblitz- a holiday project

Microblitz is a project run by a research team from the University of Western Australia. People from all over Western Australia are helping the project to collect soil samples for testing. The information will be used to study how to improve our environment, including our water quality.


Check out the Microblitz website with your family. Decide whether your family would like to participate and get your parents to join up. Are you going anywhere different these holidays, particularly in country areas? There might be good opportunities to take samples where you are going.
Leave a comment to tell us what you think of the project, and if you have signed up and participated in the holidays. What do you think the connection between soil and water quality is?

4 thoughts on “Microblitz- a holiday project

  1. I think this project will be interesting and I am looking forward to doing it. We have just registered as we have been in Bali for the holidays however we will be doing it when the kit arrives in the mail. I might take it to Dunsborough with me to take a sample at my grandparents house. If soil is in good condition it is can hold all of its nutrients and water and the plants can grow. If the soil is in poor condition such as erosion it cannot hold its nutrients and water and it changes, becoming dry and this makes it hard for plants to grow.

    • Thanks for your information Chelsea. I have just received my kit in the mail and I am going to bring it to school to do my sample there. I hope you can help me!
      Ms Lockyer

  2. We are not going anywhere this holiday as My dad is busy with work. So we’ll be having relaxing holiday at home. Microblitz is a very interesting project, however we have decided not to participate as I am allergic to grass.

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