Get your family involved in this challenge. Follow this link to make a Bingo Baker for addition and subtraction.  Think of some clues you could ask them – it’s a good idea to write down your clues first, so you are well organised. If you are playing with more than one family member, remember that they will be able to get their own unique Bingo Baker board, with different numbers from anyone else. Don’t forget to explain how to get ‘Bingo!”   

Extra challenge: use Bingo Baker to design your own board to practise addition and subtraction facts. Print it out, send us the link, or even create your own QR code for the board!

Extra extra challenge: use Bingo Baker to design a board for a younger brother, sister, cousin or friend. Write down your clues. Have fun doing your Bingo game with them.

Leave a comment here to tell us how you went. Also, tell us your easiest clue and your most difficult clue you created.


Have you ever wondered about the Australian horses which were taken to war? With your family, read about the Anzac horses here:

Make sure you get to listen to the interview with Bernie Dingle on that page, or here:

sunrise anzac horse

Image from:

This beautiful sculpture will be opened on Anzac Day this year. There will be a plaque created for the sculpture. What do you think might be written on it? Create your own words for the plaque and tell us in a comment here.

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