Have you ever wondered about the Australian horses which were taken to war? With your family, read about the Anzac horses here:

Make sure you get to listen to the interview with Bernie Dingle on that page, or here:

sunrise anzac horse

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This beautiful sculpture will be opened on Anzac Day this year. There will be a plaque created for the sculpture. What do you think might be written on it? Create your own words for the plaque and tell us in a comment here.

21 thoughts on “ANZAC HORSES

  1. Anzac is a very interesting history of Australia.It makes me proud to be an Australian. I would put these words on the plaque: “army to battle, charge!!! the true spirit of Australian heroes and horses”.

  2. History is very important because its where we come from. My choice of words for the plaque is “we will never forget.”

    • You have made a great connection between history and places that are special to us, Marcus – wonderful! I really like your words for the plaque too.
      Ms Lockyer

  3. Anzac day is when we celebrate our war heros. I would like to write “remembering war heroes who gave their lives to save ours”.

  4. I went to an Anzac parade with my family and heard a poem about the horses that died in the war and how upset the soldiers were that couldn’t bring them home. I have made a poster with the words for the plaque “never forget all the horses that died in the war”. I think they were very special and brave.

  5. I enjoyed reading about the ANZAC horses. I think we should remember about the horses because they were a good help during the war. I want to write the words “Lest We Forget” on the plaque and decorate it with poppy flowers.

    • Kanin, I love how you though about saying thank you to the horses. You are making me think that maybe all War Memorials are for the community to say thankyou. What do you think?

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