Metre Measuring

Watch this movie from Lauren, who works out what objects around her home measure more than or less than a metre:


Leave a comment here telling us about some objects in your home which are more than or less than a metre.

EXTRA: make your own movie to present to the class about what you found.

EXTRA EXTRA:  For each object, measure accurately and work out how much shorter or longer than a metre it is.


As part of our project ‘Thinking Like a Geographer’ we have been using geographical language to describe a place: its features and its location.

Check out this clip.!/media/526963/big-sky-sunsets-at-windorah-qld

In your comment, list the geographical features you notice about the place in the clip. Do you know where it is? Have a go at using some location words. You might start with words like these: north, south, opposite, near, far.

EXTRA:  Have you got a favourite location? Can you describe it, using geographical language?



What fruit would you like to put on top of your breakfast yoghurt?  Design your perfect recipe.  Tell us which fruits you would use on your yoghurt and why. Think about the health benefits! Use the website we read in class to design our Mothers’ Day Breakfast menu. You may need the help of your parent to read the website and work out the meanings of some of the vocabulary used when describing the health benefits of fruits.

EXTRA: Write down your recipe, telling us how much you would need of each ingredient.  If you are able, make your fruit yoghurt and take a photo of it. Email it to Ms Lockyer.

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