Last week our class performed in the CPA for the Junior `School Assembly. Help us to evaluate our Assembly performance. Follow the link below and complete the P.M.I. form.  PMI = Plus, Minus, Ideas. We use this thinking tool often on our class. Complete the PMI cells in the columns next to your name. You do not need to put anything in anyone else’s row.


Read what the other classmates have done for their PMI. If you spot a great idea, leave a comment here.




After observing our sprout experiments in the classroom, we sent them home this week. We brainstormed what we could do with our sprouts at home:

  • plant the sprouts in the garden in soil
  • plant the sprouts in a pot
  • keep the sprouts in the cup
  • feed the sprouts to some chooks
  • put the sprouts in the compost
  • put the sprouts in a worm farm
  • design and carry out an experiment on your sprouts

What did you decide to do with your sprouts, and why? Visit this page and leave a comment when you have something extra to report in the next few weeks.


At my last school in Melbourne, my class planted a wheat crop to investigate plant life cycles. When we returned to school after the Term Three holidays, we noticed that our class wheat crop had changed. The wheat was dead. The life cycle of our wheat crop had been disrupted.
What do you think might have caused this life cycle disruption? Is there anything that you are wondering about the wheat crop? How do you feel about what has happened? Please comment here. Your thinking will help us solve the mystery and it may help us find solutions for our families who are growing plants at home.

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