After observing our sprout experiments in the classroom, we sent them home this week. We brainstormed what we could do with our sprouts at home:

  • plant the sprouts in the garden in soil
  • plant the sprouts in a pot
  • keep the sprouts in the cup
  • feed the sprouts to some chooks
  • put the sprouts in the compost
  • put the sprouts in a worm farm
  • design and carry out an experiment on your sprouts

What did you decide to do with your sprouts, and why? Visit this page and leave a comment when you have something extra to report in the next few weeks.

27 thoughts on “SPROUTS

  1. I have decided to leave the sprouts in the cup for 2 more days and then I am going to plant them in a pot. I am going to put the pot outside in the sunshine. When they get really I’m going to plant them in the garden.

  2. I decided to put half in the light and half in the dark. I put the dark one in my brother’s desk cupboard and the light one on top of the desk. I want to see if it can grow easier in the light or dark.

  3. Evary day I water my sprouts I give it different amount of water. I have not taken my sprout out of the plastic cup. I didn’t put any soil in it, I’m just waiting to see what else might happen.

  4. I chose to plant my fenugreek sprouts in the soil in the garden because I wanted to follow the lifecycle of my sprouts growing into a plant.

  5. My sprout is growing. And some times I forget to wash my sprout. My sprout is growing leaves most of the seeds have sprouted. I think that my sprout is 17cm toll. That means that there are 43 more cm more to make a m.

  6. My sprout has got about 2 leaves on each sprout. most of all the sprouts have sprouted. I think that my sprout is 17cm that means that the sprout needs to grow 83 more cm to make a m. some of the seed are taking a long time to sprout.

  7. I am going to plant my snow pea in the garden. because my experiment will need a snow pea seed. I am going to see which plant will grow faster’ watermelon or a snow pea.

  8. I decided that I would put my sprouts in our garden because we haven’t got very much space in side and to teach me to look after my plants. It will also teach me how to put sun flowers in the ground.

  9. I planted my sprouts in a container and i have been watching them grow. I have stopped watering them as I found out that if you give them too much water they come out of the soil and float in water! Now they are growing really fast as dad took some of the water out and they have settled back into their soil. I used to think that my seed wouldn’t grow but they did. Soon they will be big sunflowers.

  10. I have decided to leave my sprouts in the cup. Tomorrow I will plant them in the pot together with my grandma’s plants to see if they can grow together and bigger.

  11. I have watered my sprouts regularly. They have grown taller now. I have given them to my grandparents so they can plant them in their garden. I will see what happens after they are planted in the soil.

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