chocolate arrayOur latest Maths investigation is all about multiplication: equal groups and arrays. An array is a group of objects or parts arranged in equal rows and equal columns. Look around you. Can you find any arrays in your world? Take a photo. Add it to a new slide on the Google Doc here:

Be careful not to write on or delete anyone else’s slide. Check my first slide as an example. leave your first name on your slide. If you wish, email your photo to Ms Lockyer.



We are learning all about ‘Win Win’ as part of The Leader In Me program. This is all about how there are enough good things for all of us and that both sides can win. It means being happy for others when good things happen for them. When there is a problem we think of solutions we can all be happy about. The more we think win win the less problems there will be.
Look carefully at the photo. Two of our classmates want to read the same book. What ‘Win Win’ solution can they come up with? Write your ideas in your comment.

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