We are learning all about ‘Win Win’ as part of The Leader In Me program. This is all about how there are enough good things for all of us and that both sides can win. It means being happy for others when good things happen for them. When there is a problem we think of solutions we can all be happy about. The more we think win win the less problems there will be.
Look carefully at the photo. Two of our classmates want to read the same book. What ‘Win Win’ solution can they come up with? Write your ideas in your comment.

29 thoughts on “WIN-WIN

  1. I think they should just say sorry and put it away so they don’t fight and nobody gets it. My other solution is they take turns so one person gets it then when they have finished they give to the other person. My next solution is that when they do read to someone they could be partners and read the book

  2. I think it would be best if they used some sharing and patience. One person can have the book for 3 days and then the other person can have it for 3 days. This way both will get to read the book and each person has used sharing and patience.

  3. Why don’t they do “read to someone” and they do paper, scissors, rock to decide who goes first. They read half each and then whoever read it first gets to keep it until they finish it and then they give it to the other person.

  4. my solution is in daily five they could do read to some one. my other solution is that they take terns of reading the book. my other solution is that non of them have the book and my other solution is that they have a different billy is a dragon book each so when they finish them they can swap the other solution is that they can do paper scissors rock and whoever wins gets the book until they finish the book and the next person gets the book until they finish it. my other solution is that the should get a sharing lesson from year two L .

  5. I think they should do paper scissors rock or they could do it in alphabetical order. Or they could do it in birthday order. They could give it to someone else then the person can give it to who thinks that there good.

  6. Maybe they could check in the library to see if there is another copy of the book or they could toss a coin to see who reads it first.

  7. My solution is that they can read it together. They can take turns in reading the book, the first person reads first page and second person reads the second page and go on.

  8. I think maybe both of them can read together. One person can read one page out loud and the other person reads the next page so they will both be happy reading.

  9. One idea is for both of them to read the book together. One person can read one page out loud and the other person can read the next page. They can also help each other pronounce difficult words.

  10. They could do Rock Paper Scissors and who ever wins gets to read Billy is a Dragon. But the loser reads it after him

  11. One solution is read to someone, one of them could read first while the other person is listening then when the first person who read the book finishes chapter one the next person can read the next chapter.

  12. They can both read the book at the same time so there is no fighting over it, they could also take turns at reading the book,when one person finishes it, the other person can read it then. one person cold take it home for one day then the other person could have it
    for one day.
    one of them could have it for read to some one.

  13. maybe if one of them could let the outher read it and he could anuther series in the same book untill the auther one has finished it then they could swap

  14. my first idea is one reads a diffret sires in the same book while the auther reads the book that they are fighting about then when they finish the books they swap second idea is nun of them get it thrid idea is they dont even touch the book for two weeks and while that is happening they have to read a diffent book or a dirrent sieres in the same book

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