20150820-145954.jpgWe participated in the M.A.D. Hour project ‘A Mountain of Warmth’ to help the Year 7 and 8 classes with their service learning. We brought in warm coats, blankets and shoes from home.

How did you feel about our project? Can you comment about the connection between our project and the College goals of Respect, Integrity and Courage?

14 thoughts on “THE MOUNTAIN OF WARMTH

  1. A connection is we are helping and respecting the people who need help to keep safe and warm. We are showing courage by encouraging the students of all saints to donate to the sick and poor. We are showing integrity by telling the truth and by being honest to our fellow friends that these people really do need help to survive.

  2. i loved the moutain of warmth project it was really fun. i think the connection of respect is that we care for the people who dont have warm cloths for winter, and that we respect them.for courage we need it to help them.if we dont have any courage we might not have this many cloths for the moutain of warmth.

  3. It felt nice to give things to people who needed them. I liked seeing the mountain getting bigger and bigger. It showed how we respected other people by sharing.

  4. respect helping people with not that much money.
    integrity we stayed on task and some of us brought in cloths.
    I loved the part where we sat in a circle and saw everyone looking at the pile as it got bigger.

  5. I liked about the project because the people out there a poor so we give them worm stuff because in the winter the will get so freeze.

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