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Read our Fodey article about the closure of the Aviation Museum. Do you agree? Leave a comment here, telling us why you think the Museum should or should not be closed. Can you give us at least three reasons?

24 thoughts on “MUSEUM TO CLOSE

  1. I don’t think we should close it down because what if people like planes and they want to study planes . So where will they go if it shut?

  2. Kids enjoy learning about the past

    It’s good to be reminded about the people who fought in the war

    You shouldn’t nock down the Aviation museum because where will all the old planes go

  3. The premier Joe Kerfoops should have a meeting with the community and discuss what should happen, Joe could ask some people to help out and he would get more money and Joe should not shut down the Aviation museum, If he made a sin that said come come air plans of any type!

  4. I don’t think that the museum should close. Firstly, they might become the most popular place in the world. Secondly, maybe school people might have an excursion there and they will be very disappointed to see it closed or a train station there. Thirdly, why not wait till they are selling the museum. Fourthly, not just schools might want to go there maybe other children who might want to go.

  5. People should not close the museum down because people can’t remember about when there great grand father went to war or any one also important to there family.

  6. It definitely should not close down because when the year ones get to our grade they might like to go there for an exersion second reason why it should not close is becase me and my family might go there third reson is you go there to get interesting information.😃😃😃

  7. I would be really sad if the museum closed down. I think that it is not true. I like to visit the museum with my family and see all the old planes that were used in the wars. I agree with Kanin. People need to remember about their great grandads in the war.

  8. I don’t think they should close the museum.
    If they close it down where will people go to see the planes?
    And anyway what would they do with everything inside the museum – they need a place to store everything.
    Maybe the Premier should organise some advertising to make people aware that the museum is there to go and see!

  9. I don’t think that the museum should close because lots of people are interested in the
    World war even me I’m interested in the world war losts of people are because there so excited to see the world war all there interested
    Is to here the story because their wondering
    When there going to shoot the gun and the planes they whant to see what’s the strongest plane.

  10. Firstly I don’t think it should close cause people don’t know much about planes so if people want to study about planes where will they go? Secondly with this museum people can go there as a family and have fun. Thirdly its also a fun place for students to go to during excursions.

  11. I don’t think we should close the museum because keeping our history is more important than making money. We should try to make more people interested in aviation history because we need to remember the war.

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