claim support question picWe use the CLAIM-SUPPORT-QUESTION thinking framework in all areas of our learning in Grade 2. You can find out more about this thinking routine here:


Link up with our thinking. #GRABilly buddies and year 2L students, you are welcome to add to our CLAIM-SUPPORT-QUESTION thinking framework Google Doc:


  •  Have you noticed something about the story? Is there something you know? Record this in the CLAIM column.
  • What was it in the story that made you think that? record this in the SUPPORT column. it will help if you put the page number or even the actual words used.
  • Are you wondering about anything in the story? Is anything bugging you about it? Record it in the QUESTION column. Place it in a new row if it does not yest connect with a CLAIM-SUPPORT.


Today at school we worked together to write some clues about our geographical location for our #GRABilly friends. Read through our clues and guess where we are:

  1. We are in your future! We are 12 hours ahead of you (EST).
  2. We are in the westernmost state of Australia.
  3. The indigenous people of our area say “Kia, Noongar Boodja.”
  4. Our city is the capital of our state.
  5. Our suburb is near Leach Highway and the Kwinana Freeway.
  6. Were are near a train station which has two words in its name.
  7. We are near the Mount Henry Bridge which crosses the Canning River.
  8. Our suburb is named after Henry Bull.

Do us a favour #GRABilly friends. Leave a comment here with some clues about where you live? It’s just like a mystery Skype, but with words only. We will use our think-like-a-geographer skills to work out where you are. Thanks to Mrs Harrison’s class for this great idea.


The mystery is finally solved!

As part of Inquiry into the history of aviation and the importance of  museums in our community, we had the opportunity to create a script for a talkback radio show. Our script had to reflect a point of view about keeping the Aviation Museum.

The scenario:  A fire has been lit at the Museum. Someone wanted it to go! The only clue: the guilty person called in to the morning talkback radio show. Good news: someone passing by saw them do it, stopped them and saved the day.

Who did it? Who saved it?  Listen to our audio recording to solve the mystery. In your comment, leave the name of the character. Here are some clues:


  • likes buses
  • does not like finding our about war
  • thinks there should be a bus museum.


  • lives in Booragoon
  • had a son who was a pilot of a Lancaster Bomber in WWII.
  • likes to visit the Museum every day
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