The mystery is finally solved!

As part of Inquiry into the history of aviation and the importance of  museums in our community, we had the opportunity to create a script for a talkback radio show. Our script had to reflect a point of view about keeping the Aviation Museum.

The scenario:  A fire has been lit at the Museum. Someone wanted it to go! The only clue: the guilty person called in to the morning talkback radio show. Good news: someone passing by saw them do it, stopped them and saved the day.

Who did it? Who saved it?  Listen to our audio recording to solve the mystery. In your comment, leave the name of the character. Here are some clues:


  • likes buses
  • does not like finding our about war
  • thinks there should be a bus museum.


  • lives in Booragoon
  • had a son who was a pilot of a Lancaster Bomber in WWII.
  • likes to visit the Museum every day

16 thoughts on “FIRE AT THE MUSEUM

  1. I think the bus driver is the baddie and the man who’s son died in war is the hero…but I was thinking of the boss of the building company was the bad guy because in the video someone said the aviation museum must be DESTROYED
    And they were the boss of the building company 😳😳😳😳😳😳

  2. I think the bad guy is Ashley Kearn because he fits the clues. He wanted to build a bus museum. I think the hero is Arthur Jones because he said he lives in Booragoon.

  3. I think Arthur Jones (Evan) was the hero because I heard all the clues in his paragraph. I think Ashlee Carn (Asha) was the guilty person because I was that person and I wrote it !

  4. I think the guilty person is Ashley, they said they were not interested in hearing about war and wanted to make a bus museum. Arthur Jones is the hero as he said he lived in booragoon and liked to visit the museum every day.

  5. I think Arthur jones is the hero because it matches the hero clues. I think Ashleigh kern is the baddie because it matches the baddie clues.😊

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