As part of our Inquiry into materials, we are thinking about the best materials to use for wrapping up a sandwich. Can you help us with our data collection? Ask a parent or grandparent what they used to wrap their sandwiches when they were young. Leave a comment here to tell us.

13 thoughts on “THE LUNCH WRAP PROJECT

  1. My mum used waxed paper to wrap her sandwiches. Nanna used to make mum grated carrot and peanut butter and sultanas in her sandwich. She thought it was gross !

  2. For my Mum

    My Grandma used aluminum foil to wrap my Mum’s sandwich in.

    My Great-Grandma used brown paper to wrap her food in.

  3. my nan had waxed paper to wrap her sandwich
    my pop had waxed paper to wrap his sandwich
    my aunty had waxed paper to wrap her sandwich
    my mum had waxed paper and glad wrap to wrap her sandwich
    my dad had normal plain bread to wrap his sandwich

  4. my mum wrapped her sandwichers in grease proof paper my grandma put her sandwichers in a paper bag my dad wrapped his sandwichers in grease proof paper just like my mum unlike my grand ma my dad wrappes MY sandwichers in grese proof paper to

  5. My parents used glad wrap to wrap their sandwiches. My grandparents used banana leaves to wrap there lunch(only because they didn’t have glad wrap in those days)

  6. My mum’s sandwiches were wrapped in small plastic sandwich bags. My nan used grease proof paper for her sandwiches and my grandad used brown paper bags.

  7. My dad only used plastic bags.
    I wonder why he did not use glad wrap and aliuminim foil to wrap his sanwhiches?
    Ms Lockyer I have a question for you what did your mum use to wrap her sanwhiches and what you used.

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