During our Grade 2L ‘Hour of Code’ sessions, we have been asking the big question: What is coding and how is it useful? Leave your comment here if you have some thoughts on this.




21 thoughts on “WHAT IS CODING?

  1. Coding is a language that a machine can understand. You have to use a code to program a machine to do something. Coding is a set of instructions.
    How Coding Is Useful
    Coding is useful because you can program a robot or a machine to do something that a human doesn’t have to do. so it saves time. Fun Fact
    Did you Know in World war 2 the Germans use a special machine that would send secret messages to the Tanks, One of the codes would be like this Zilk hisj icyt that would be Kill this city. The English mathematicians built the Enigma machine that tried to decode the Germans codes. Weeks and weeks went by until one of the English mathematicians craked the code. The code was the Germans were having a meeting tonight, so the Englishmen ambushed the Germans and the English one.

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  3. I think coding is useful because…
    you learn
    have fun
    build up your learning in different ways
    level up
    zero to hero
    hurty brain feeling
    last of all do it with a partner!!!

  4. Coding is were you tell a robot or electrical device to go some were or to do something. P.S wright down the code in case you forget.

  5. I think coding is when you program things to do what you want. In coding what ever you tell the thing you are coding to do, it will do it.

  6. Coding is when you can use a program or actions to make a game or other things but one thing we all know is that coding is fun!!!

  7. I liked your cup coding tower Zoe and Joanne. I liked it because you wrote down the code and used different coloured cups which made it effective.

  8. Hello year 2L
    I had a wonderful time the other day with you. my favourite activity was cup coding. you are all so good at it. Also great job Joanne. I love how you have used different coloured cups. very pretty. Great job for writing your cod down as well.

  9. I think coding is good because…
    you learn
    have fun
    work with a partner
    learn from each other
    most important you have to love coding
    other wise dont be in the code room

  10. Well coding is something that helps you with things in real life. Coding helps you with programming on computers and beebots and a variety of things. I used to think that coding was not important in our world but now I think that it actully helps you with tasks in class. But not just in class. I think we should teach other people because it could help adults into the class like our Mums and Dads. We could teach them coding so if they are a someone who like to try things out they could do so coding on a computer and ad it on to a robot. So the robot can move around. They could make it out of lego and also make a patten on there so its like a coding patten. What do you think?

  11. I think coding is about …
    thinking in diffrent ways
    making a positive diffrence from not using a lot of fossil fuel
    and a lot more things

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