Biblionasium and Learning

Meet the Stormtrooper family! In this movie, can you spot the TECHFAIL moment? Little Stormie needs to explain to Dad how Biblionasium is connected to learning.

We are using Biblionasium during library classes. Leave a comment here: how do you think Bibilionasium is connected to learning? What do you think Little Stormie said to Dad to convince him that he should sign the permission form?

In this movie, Goggles and Spike introduce Biblionasium to our classes:

Goggles and Spike introduce Biblionasium from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “Biblionasium and Learning

  1. Hey dad can you sign my paper for biblionasium because it is a good place to learn and also to make friends and list the books that you want to read.

  2. Biblionasium connects with learning because when you search up an author it helps you explore more books and you then can look for the book in libraries and at home with an adult or without one.

    • Thanks for your first comment Jesse and Alexander. Can you give me more information: how does exploring more books help with learning?
      Also, I had to edit your comment by removing your surnames. You don’t have to worry about putting in your surname – I only need your first name when you fill in the comment form.
      Ms Lockyer

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