Where In The World? No. 5



This is a nice, tough challenge! Can you discover this mystery location and tell us the new name of the location?

Tell us how you found out. Did you use clues in the picture – these are very important in this challenge.

If you used  online tools, tell which ones you used and any search terms that were helpful.

EXTRA: What has this building been used for in the past?

8 thoughts on “Where In The World? No. 5

  1. Florence Hummerston Kiosk originally on the esplande but relocated to Elizabeth Quay. Was once a tearoom and changeroom the turned into a Chinese restaurant. Used key words on the signage to google it.

  2. Elizabeth Quay (new development)
    Clues: map shows Swan River – Perth.
    Looked at names of nearby roads and used google maps. Looked at shape of water’s edge to work out it was Elizabeth Quay. Looked up Elizabeth Quay images. Found out that heritage means I am looking for an old building. Found building photo. Recognised window shape from picture above. In the past it was a Chinese restaurant (asked mum 😀)

  3. I think original kiosk was in peppermint grove the Esplande. In is in WA. I figured this out from clues in the picture. Like the map at the bottom right corner. The current one is near Hobbs pl road and a yacht club.

    Used:Google maps, brain

  4. I think the original site for this kiosk was near the Esplande in peppermint grove, WA. The current is near Hobbs pl and near a yacht club on the island. I used clues in the picture, google maps and my knowledge

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