Where In The World? No. 6

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Can you work out the location of the building in the first photo? The second photo shows some detail on the building which might help you.

Can you give the exact address or longitude and latitude? Let us know which words you used in a Google search, any other search apps you may have used, and which details in the photo helped you.

EXTRA: The numbers on the building: who might use these?

6 thoughts on “Where In The World? No. 6

  1. Dear Ms Lockyer,

    The numbers on the building were blurry and we couldn’t see what they were.

    These are the steps that we used to find this place in the photo.

    = We asked Ms Lockyer for the number on the building and she told us 6460.
    = We then went into Google searched and typed 6460 post office.
    = A photo that matched our small photo came up.
    = The building had Goomalling Post Office on it.
    = We typed in where is Goomalling Post Office.
    = The address came up and is 47 Railway Terrace, Goomalling WA 6460.
    = It will take us 1 hour and 46 minutes by car to ge there.
    = The longitude of the post office is 116.82623112 and the latitude is 331.29875166.

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