Ms Lockyer’s Top Seven information sources:



Good for: pictures, women’s lives, mining techniques, Eureka, effect on Indigenous people




Good for: life as a prospector, the development of Kalgoorlie




Good for: Chinese on the Goldfields, health and doctors, daily life, Eureka, technology developments.




Good for: photos of people and places on the Goldfields




Good for: mining techniques, life for women and children, villains, photos.




Good for: an amazing story of an heroic rescue in the W.A. Goldfields.




Good for: law and order, living conditions, women’s lives.

Plant Exhibition Podcasts – 4B

At the centre of an Inquiry is the reflection on the process. We created podcast episodes by interviewing each other. Our questions were focused on technology process and using information.

Leave a comment for any of the podcast authors to let them know what you think of their thinking, or to ask them a question about their work.

Sienna and Scarlett

Clara and Katie

Bella and Annabelle

Hunter and Cale

David and Royce

Dani and Mia

Bella and Annabelle No. 2

Abbey and Bella

Tristan and Jaxon

James and Callum part 1

Word Spies Part 4


Thanks Cana for this picture!
Thanks Cana for this picture!

Word Spies Part 4 – Homophones.

Use the iPad app Book Creator. Create a cover page. Find a homophone. Google search images to match and insert into the next page on your Book Creator book. Write a sentence for us to guess which word we should choose. Take a screenshot.

Next step, contribute to our Google Slides collection here:


LEVEL UP: Want to help your class mates? Leave a comment here suggesting a homophone to use.

Where In The World? No. 7


Can you work out the location of this Perth building in this photo? Look closely for some detail on the building which might help you.

Can you give the exact address or longitude and latitude? Let us know which words you used in a Google search, any other search apps you may have used, and which details in the photo helped you.

EXTRA: This building was used for a special celebration on May 1st. Can you work out what it was?

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