Where In The World No. 10


Here’s a tough one!

Can you work out the location of this Perth building in this photo? Look closely for some detail on the building which might help you. You may even want to ask an older person if they recognize the writing.

Can you give the exact address or longitude and latitude? Let us know which words you used in a Google search, any other search apps you may have used, and which details in the photo helped you.

EXTRA: What was this building used for in the past? What do you think it is used for now? Can you imagine what it looked like inside then, and what it looks like inside now?

6 thoughts on “Where In The World No. 10

  1. This is the old west Australian news paper station in Perth. To find this answer I used my knowledge and looked really closely at the detail.

  2. extra:
    I think this building was used to make news paper articles in the past and nowadays. in the past it probably had type writers and cameras. Nowadays it probably has computers, phones, cameras and other things.

  3. 50 Hasler Road.
    Osborne Park WA 6017.
    Telephone: (08) 9482 3111.
    27.6728° S, 121.6283° E longitude & latitude.
    The west Australian is where the newspaper “The Western Australian” is made.
    Ms Lockyer is standing in a car park in the next door building or the car park for the west Australian. I googled “The Western Australian address” and “The longitude and latitude of the Western Australian.” The West Australian originally started as The Perth Gazette on 5 January 1833. Its name was changed to The West Australian in 1879 and it has always been Perth’s major metropolitan newspaper. I think it will look like just people looking at pictures and writing captions for the newspaper. There will also be lots of printers and important people being interviewed. A long time ago inside it was probably pretty much the same, but not the best quality of machinery. By Solomon Fegan and Joshua Cole ^_~

  4. This building is where they used to print newspaper. It looks like people live in it now. This building is in East Fremantle.

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