Where In The World No. 13


Can you find out where this statue is? Use an online tool to find out. Write a blog comment and tell us:

  • which online tool you used
  • the suburb
  • the city
  • the state
  • the country

EXTRA: Can you find out why a swan has been included in the statue?  Can you tell us why this statue has been created, and some interesting information about it?

19 thoughts on “Where In The World No. 13

  1. It is in Burswood park Perth Wa Australia we used google and there was a sign that said Willem de Vlamingh Ruan Holly Patrick and Ralph

  2. They made a statue of Willem de Vlamingh because he found the plate of dirk hartog and it was made 2005 15 October again we only used google

  3. It is in Perth state WA, country Australia
    How we found it
    In our history we found out William was the finder of Australia so we looked up William da viammingh statue and then it came up with Perth on images and it was in Australia Perth

    Why it was made it was probably made because it was the one who found Australia

    Credits thenuk, Emily, Maddie and bianca

  4. The statue is in Perth WA and is of William De Vlamingh in Burswood and we used google to find all the information

  5. This is in the Swan River. This is because if you zoom in there is a sign on the side saying Willem de Vlamingh. I found out Willem found the Swan River. Also why else would there be Perth City in the background and also a Swan right there.

  6. We used google search. We found out that this statue is of Williem De Vlamingh in Perth WA Australia, Burswood. We think it is here to commerate Williem’s landing.

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