Where In The World No. 14


Can you find out where this tunnel is? Use an online tool to find out. Write a blog comment and tell us:

  • which online tool you used
  • the suburb
  • the city
  • the state

EXTRA:  Can you tell us what this tunnel was used for in the past, and what it is used for now? Also, can you tell us the most interesting fact you discovered about the tunnel?

14 thoughts on “Where In The World No. 14

  1. We found out that CY O’Connor built it in 1894. It was a train track. The first accident happened in 1901. There was smoke gas that killed people.

  2. The name of the tunnel is swan view tunnel and. We found it from Google earth and the address is Hovea and the suburb is Jane Brook and it is found in Western Australia.

  3. Suburb- Swan view
    City Perth
    State Western Australia
    We found out by using Google and the blog
    Mia, Xander and Dylan

  4. The swan view tunnel is a formal railway tunnel
    Located on the southern side of the Jane Brook valley in the outer Perth suburb of swan view in the John Forest National Park on the edge of darling Scrap.

  5. Swan view tunnel
    Suburb- Hovea WA 6071
    City- Outer Perth suburb
    State-Western Australia
    EXTRA Rumors broke out that people died when a train broke down People died by exhaustion suffocation and being hit by a train

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