A History in Trees

We are learning to …

Students investigate these moments in history, and make a pitch whether their ‘Tree Story’ belongs on the class Capzle timeline. The class Capzle timeline will also include the future: for example, future uses for Sandalwood, future celebrations on the Mrs Dance site. This will entail design thinking and Design and Technologies Curriculum.


Mrs Dance chopping down tree


oak tree in Stirling Gardens

Eastern wheatbelt woodland drive in rAC magazine last year

treetop walk in kings park and walpole

karridale timeberworker’s death

the lolly tree- acacia gum trading between indigenous groups

morrels in wheatbelt

giant log in Kings Park

tree in Star Swamp shows scar from bark cutting by indigenous people

Derby prison tree

lefroy olive trees

proclamation tree

Guildford avenue trees – fight for preservation

My notes:

Critical to get the students themselves to generate questions. I provide sources.

how can students’ passion for history spread to their families?

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