We are learning to think like a geographer when comparing global locations.

We are learning aboutĀ importance of environments to people in three global locations, and how they protect their special places.


Think Like a Geographer. Take the quiz to decide which words a geographer might use.

CODE: 458225


Which words can be used to describe the numbats’ environment?

  • Use Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • World Book Online

to hunt for the best words.

CODE: 194819


We will be hosting a guest speaker who lives near the Dryandra Forest. In a comment below, write a question which can be asked.


Join in the Citizen Science activity to help identify species in the Dryandra Woodland here.

54 thoughts on “NUMBAT 2

    • People who dump their pets will make their pets not only go into the forest but eat and kill numbats for food. This makes the population of numbats go down.

  1. Q: Do the wild animals in the Dryandra forest come into the village and attack the villagers?
    Q: Is the Dryandra forest dangerous? Is there anything poisonous there?
    Q: Are there animals such as foxes there?
    Q: Have there been any bushfires in the Dryandra forest that have affected the population of animals?

  2. Are any of the creatures harmful that live in Dryandra Forrest?
    Is there any thing protecting the village from bush fires or dangerous creatures?

  3. How hot is it in the Dryandra forest?
    Does it rain alot ?
    How many animals are in the Dryandra forest?
    How much water is in the Dryandra forest?

    • Wow, Joshua. It seems you have been looking closely for information on Google Earth or Maps. Are you able to take a screenshot and then I will put it on the Level Up blog for us all to do some thinking.

    • Nice question, Kanin. I think you should have a go at answering this yourself – it’s Google-able! Try using the word CLIMATE in your search and look for the name of the largest town near the Dryandra Forest. Good luck!

  4. Q: how long have people been living in the dryandra forest.
    Q: Do houses effect most habitats?
    Q: what is the typical cause of an animal’s extiniction in the dryandra forest?

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