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  1. Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Why is it called Boundary st: the street that separates the boundary between a racist area
    How you worked it out: google
    Civics and citizenship: Seperated European arrivals from local Jagera and Turrbal populations
    Fun Fact: Petition for name change to boundless st

  2. The Location: Brisbane, QLD.
    It is called Boundary St due to a Indigenous racist policy that separated Aboriginies from early European arrivals.
    We googled ‘Boundary St’ and found it due to the recent news articles about it.
    It tells us about the history of Indigenous citizenship or lack thereof, especially during Australian colonization.

  3. 1. Location – Corner of Boundary St and Ann St, Fortitude Valley Queensland
    2. Racist policy: created a separation in population groups – that separated European arrivals from the local Jagera and Turrbal populations.
    3. Google Maps
    4. Separated European arrivals from the local Jagera and Turrbal populations.

      • Hi, I’d like to pop in with an answer to your question 🙂
        When I was looking on Google Maps I was trying to find the latitude and longitude for the specific point, but I wasn’t able to see any way to collect it. This could be a limitation of the iPad that I’m using, however!

    • We googled Datacom which gave us a Queensland address: 501 Ann St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

      We then put this into google maps and realised that the building was on the corner of Ann St and Boundary St.

      27°27’42.5″S 153°01’54.2″E

  4. Location: Boundary St, Queensland 4101

    Boundary streets, on either side of the Brisbane River, were so named due to a racist policy that separated European arrivals from the local Jagera and Turrbal populations.
    Source: https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/brisbane-could-rename-historically-racist-boundary-streets-20160129-gmhgi3.html

    Observed the street sign and Googled it
    Additional note: – there is a little historical building made up of the word Brisbane City

    That remnants of history are still having an impact on people today and that perceptions change.

  5. Location: Brisbane, Queensland
    Called Boundary street because: separated European arrivals from the local Jagera and Turrbal populations
    We googled Boundary Street and found an article
    Civics and citizenship: Indigenous Australian history
    Fun fact: earlier this month, street signs at West End were changed to “Boundless Street”, and since then, an online petition has been set up to call for such a name change to be made official.

  6. – Location: South Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4101.
    – It is called Boundary Street because traditionally there was a policy that separated European arrivals from the local indigenous population.
    – Worked out the location through google
    – In this case the street name can give us an idea about the history of the arrival of European people, and can hint at the current relationship between racial groups.

  7. Location: This is the Boundary St in Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

    The street was named BOundary street as in the 1800s it was the perimeter marker of a colonial town that the indigenous people were banned from entering.

    I worked out the location by first using google images search by image function and placing the image provided into the search. It then led me to the Datacom company. I then realised it was referring to the street in Brisbane, and I then found it on Google Maps street view and matched it.

    The street name tells us about how the indigenous people were treated back during the 1800s, and how others viewed them and their own place.

    This is the news articles that led me to it: http://www.news.com.au/national/queensland/calls-for-brisbanes-boundary-street-to-be-renamed-to-remove-reminder-of-racist-history/news-story/570e8515b67194d9dfefe307e264e96a

    This is the google maps street view image I found and matched to the image: https://www.google.com.au/maps/@-27.4618632,153.0318264,3a,75y,48.39h,90.22t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s1mWxjV4CIY5mQSpqVqzkIA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

  8. Boundary street is located in Brisbane, Queensland.
    It was used as a boundary line to seperate Europeans from the local populations.
    Using a quick google search using ‘Boundary street’.
    Civic and citizenship: that we have a rather tainted past but we are actively trying to change it through education. An example of this is the petition to change the ‘Boundless street’.

    • HI Safia and Tim,

      I really like how you pointed out that although it was a dark and tainted past, we are as a community trying to actively try and change through education.

  9. Brisbane, QLD
    Named because it represented a boundary that Indigenous were not allowed to cross :(.
    Typed it into Google.
    A reminder of the horrific treatment of the First Australians.

  10. This is on the intersection of Boundary Street and Ann Street in Queensland.
    It is called Boundary street because of the historic separation of European and Indigenous Australians along the boundary.
    I found the location by using Google Street View along Boundary Street and attempting to match the stickers on the back of the sign on the left of the picture, and I eventually found them.
    The current debate about changing the name of the street as long as the local Indigenous community embraces the name change can help us to look at the workings of local governments.

  11. It’s Boundary St in Brisbane, Australia, near the Datacom building. Boundary St is named after the boundary that separated Indigenous people from white people in the area.

    I found the location by using Google Images to reverse image search the image, which came up with the Datacom logo. After that I used Google Maps and Streetview to search for the specific location.

    This has relevance to civics and citizenship as it reminds us of how our history is embedded in our present, through things such as names.

  12. Location: Brisbane, Australia
    It is called Boundary St because it represented the former town boundaries that indigenous people were not allowed.
    Google searched the name Boundary St.
    The racist past where aboriginals were not allowed with European settlers

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