Emoji Project 2


Look carefully at the demos on the Assembly app. Have another go at designing the sunscreen logo. Limit to using shapes and symbols.


Our drama task will look at how different groups of people might respond to the poo emoji. We will also be participating in a ‘Line debate’. We will also be looking at the blog comments left by our classmates.

Emoji Project 1

We are learning how to use and create visual language, focusing on emojis. We are thinking about how to use emojis confidently and appropriately for communicating in and out of school.

We are learning to read emojis, asking the big question: what is the author trying to make me think or do?

We are learning about other graphic messages such as logos, animated GIFs and digital games.


TASK 1: Elroy hates using sunscreen! Perhaps a different logo on the tube might help? Design a logo for sunscreen that will encourage 4 year-old Elroy to use it. Use the iPad app Assembly.


TASK 2: The Poo Emoji: why would people choose to use or not? What might this symbol mean to different people? Record your thoughts in a comment on this blog post.

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