Holiday Art

During the summer holiday I have been recovering from surgery. I have been busy with some art projects. Here is my latest one. Leave comment telling me what you think.

41 thoughts on “Holiday Art

  1. Have you been doing your art projects while doing surgery.You have chosen very colourful and creative colours.Why did you copy our art project?

  2. I think that these art works look like an eye if your eye colour wasn’t natural or you could change your eye colour! I wonder how long this art work took to make?

  3. I really like your choice of colours and shape. It reminds me of Aboriginal art work because of it being in circles and very colourful patterns. I noticed some small lines in the art work which also give the art work some aboriginals art work looks. I think this would look really nice in a room with white furniture because it will brighten the room up.

  4. I hope you are recovering well. Your artwork is very colourful and creative. I wonder if you did this wonderful artwork in the hospital or at home?

  5. I’m interested by the colours you used they look like they represent holiday colours and you are very good at painting could you teach me some time?

  6. I like what you have done for some way to make time pass. I find it interesting and creative. I like how you have used all the colours.

  7. This looks nice, but looking at the comment above it looks like you copied the idea of other people. Nevertheless, I recommend you start a new art project, with original ideas.

  8. l do love this peace of art work for it has so much joy and colour. i can see you have put a lot of effort in because l believe that many people see different things and that says that time and work have gone in!

  9. I love the art piece because it’s multi coloured and dragges your eye to all 3 of the plates. For me I don’t even look at the center of the picture because the 3 plates stand out so much more than the white or blank spaces of the art piece.

  10. I really like your artwork because it is so colourful and bright it makes my eyes look at the whole of the picture not just the centre. I also like all the contrast of the colours because it sort of makes a cool illusion if you look at it in the right direction.

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