My Favourite Internet Cartoon

I really love this cartoon and enjoy talking about it with my family members, especially my oldest grandchildren.  I can’t believe that it was created in 1993, nearly 26 years ago! The creator, Peter Steiner, is an author. It was first published it in The New Yorker magazine on July 5th, 1993. Here’s my information source.

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22 thoughts on “My Favourite Internet Cartoon

  1. I think it is smart the way you have used this cartoon. I believe it shows that anyone can be on the internet and you don’t really know who you could be chatting or playing online games with because you don’t know who they really are in real life. You can’t trust everyone you meet online or in games.

  2. Took a while before I could understand this cartoon. The text ‘On the internet, nobody knows your a dog’ shoes that anyone can go onto the internet and pose as anyone they want to be. Furthermore, it also proves that you cannot trust everyone on the internet and you shouldn’t give them your personal information.

  3. I think it is quite creative because some times people lie about themselves on the internet, and you cant tell who they are, considering they even are a ‘who’, and not a ‘what’

  4. I personally like this cartoon for it’s humerus knowledge. That in a way describes that anyone or anything can be on the network, so we should be careful!

  5. I think you need to be careful who you’re talking to because they could be anyone and you need to makes sure you know them and you want to talk to them.

  6. Thank you Mrs Lockyer! I really like this cartoon because it represents that nobody knows your identity. It also means that if hackers hack into a certain website, nobody knows who they are, which makes it hard for them to get caught.

  7. I think that this cartoon shows you that you should not have a conversation with random strangers because they might be scammers, hackers or a robot.

  8. This cartoon teaches us that we don’t know who people are online. If you don’t know the person in real life then you shouldn’t talk to them.

  9. This shows you shouldn’t speak to any random stranger online, it could be a Cat, Dog, Fish, Hacker, Scammers, or anyone in the world really. You should make sure before you message anyone you know them.

  10. At first I didn’t get the cartoon, but now I figured out the cartoon and found it funny. Basically the cartoon is trying to say that you don’t know who you’re playing with on online games It could be a boy a girl and in this case it’s a dog that’s playing online with you!

  11. At first, I didn’t really get the joke, but now I understand. It is true you don’t actually know if they are a boy or girl, what religion they believe in or race they are. So just to be safe do not say any offensive comments online.

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