As a project for Science Week, we are creating a news podcast: STEM RADIO!

We are aiming to produce quality news items which are about the latest exciting developments in our world. Based on STEM topics, we hope to inform our audience how science is used to solve problems and create solutions in our world. In particular, we want to tell our audience which science was involved – the basic scientific thinking and science disciplines behind the story.

Here’s an example podcast segment.


Work with a partner. Choose an article from the list. Create a draft of your podcast script. Include:

  • WHO
  • WHEN
  • WHAT

Are there any direct quotes in the article you have read? You may use these to create an authentic ‘voice’ in your script. You may include a fictitious quote or interview in your podcast if it helps to highlight the science!


  • Use the assistive tech on your laptop to read the computer.
  • Include the main idea in your introductory sentences.
  • Your original writing is best – just don’t copy sentences from the article.
  • Make it entertaining!

Here’s a list of suitable articles: stem radio articles for 6M


  • Use audacity on your laptop.
  • Keep the laptop still when recording.
  • Keep yourself close and stay in the same spot when recording.
  • make sure you and your recording partner are at an equal distance from the computer so that both voices can be recorded at the same volume.
  • Rehearse!
  • Finished? Now to get your file ready. FILE < EXPORT AS MP3. Save this and email it to me with SCIENCE PODCAST 6M in the subject line.


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  1. I liked but it could be better if you didn’t have to pause if you failed and the score just re setted

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