10 thoughts on “STEM RADIO – 6H

  1. I think Zoey and I could have leveled up by putting more information in our podcast. When we were taliking we only were what the website said. Maybe we could add a bit more to it. The last thing we could do is speak a bit louder. You can only hear parts of it. 🙂

  2. I think that my partner and I could have done the interview more professionally. like I (the show presenter) could have asked questions in the interview instead of the person being interviewed just saying a massive chunk of words.

  3. My speech was the second one. i really like the information topics, but I would say tht we need to put a bit more infomation into each question instead of one line.

  4. I think that Ishaan and I could have improved on our information as it was a bit repetitive. We said it was fast a couple of times. I think that we could have made it sound more like a news report. We also could have a clearer audio.

  5. Pelicans, How far they go and where they fly. By Sascha and Alicia

    I think that we could of leveled up by getting additional facts so that people really understand what we were talking about. I think that we could have made another expert talk about how old pelicans can be before they first fly or what was the furthest amount a pelican has flown is. We used the word extraordinary twice so maybe we could have expanded our vocabulary and used a different word instead.

  6. I think me and jet should do some extra research because if you look into the website, we just copyrighted it. Next time, we should do something like what other people did such as an interview. 🧐

  7. If I do a similar episode about my same topic, I could level-up my next podcast by doing more detailed research on scientific facts because in my podcast which was uploaded, I did not include many scientific facts other than how many sea animals die each year from plastic. For example, I could give an estimate the cost of cleaning up the environment. I could also describe the impact on marine plants and coral reefs.

  8. For the flying cars, if they wanted to make it more interesting, i would like to suggest for them to be specific with the information because they were talking about different things but i liked the fact that they shared their infromation well.

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