This is a story by our Year 1 author, Jake. Leave a comment for him to give feedback on this story and to encourage him to write more stories.


BLURB: Jack and Bef love nuts. Nuts are good. It is lunch time.

I love nuts.

Jack and Bef like nuts. Jack and Bef are looking for nuts.


Jack and Bef are sad. They want nuts.


Look there is Mip. My friend Mip.

We are looking for nuts, Mip.

Mip came too.

Jack and Bef and Mip found some nuts.

Yum! Yay!


Mum said “It is time for lunch.”

We like lunch. We still have more time.

It was fun. Lots of fun.

Yummy nuts.

Nuts are good.



Where In The World 2020 – no. 3

Q1. Where is this located, the spot where the photographer was standing?  Tell us the suburb, local government area, state and country it is in.

Q2. Where is that boat going to? Tell us the name of the waterway.

Q3. Watch this clip, and tell us how the waterway has changed.

LEVEL UP BONUS QUESTION: This waterway had a very negative name in the late 1800s. What was it?

Where In The World 2020 – 1

Can you work out the location of the statue in the photo? Look carefully for some detail in the environment which might help you.

Can you give the exact address or longitude and latitude? Let us know which words you used in a Google search, any other search apps you may have used, and which details in the photo helped you.

BONUS POINTS! Who is the person this statue represents? Why are the bird statues there? What is the connection between this statue and Bull Creek?


Would you like to build a web-based app to help our community members improve the management of their waste?  Here are some tips and resources.

Check out Ms Lockyer’s app.

TIP 1:

Spend time on your planning. The most important consideration is WHY are we designing this app, along with WHAT ACTION do we want our audience to take after using the app?

TIP 2:

Here’s a useful document to help you plan: app plan for waste inquiry based on the Techgirls Are Superheroes app designing competition.

TIP 3:

We will be using the resources on Code-org to build our app, specifially AppLab. Here’s a link to their privacy policy for our students’ protection. You might like to read it with your parents. We are using AppLab under a teacher-membership/online classroom arrangement and you will receive a login card for this.