Would you like to build a web-based app to help our community members improve the management of their waste?  Here are some tips and resources.

Check out Ms Lockyer’s app.

TIP 1:

Spend time on your planning. The most important consideration is WHY are we designing this app, along with WHAT ACTION do we want our audience to take after using the app?

TIP 2:

Here’s a useful document to help you plan: app plan for waste inquiry based on the Techgirls Are Superheroes app designing competition.

TIP 3:

We will be using the resources on Code-org to build our app, specifially AppLab. Here’s a link to their privacy policy for our students’ protection. You might like to read it with your parents. We are using AppLab under a teacher-membership/online classroom arrangement and you will receive a login card for this.

Garage Band

Garage Band on the iPad is a fabulous tool for creating your own music which you can use with integrity in any of your own multimedia projects.


  1. Find a classmate who is an expert in Garage Band. Ask them to be your GB Buddy.
  2. Watch this YouTube clip:

3. Think LOOPS! These are patterns of music that can be joined together to create a catchy song.

4. Aim to create on the iPad as quickly as possible – they are not always available. Keep a note on which iPad you are using.

5. When you are happy with your tune, get it onto your PC. Try emailing it to your PC. (this might take a few minutes, so be patient.) This guide is useful.

6. Plan B for getting your Garage Band song onto your PC: airdrop the song to your teacher’s iPad. They can then send it to you via email OR OneDrive.

Once you have received your song on your PC, use Audacity to make changes, including putting it in a format which suits your project. You will need an extra bit of software called a LAME Encoder. This can be downloaded onto your PC from here.


1. Cultural Stories

Book in Brette on Wednesday March 21 to come to your classroom for an oral storytelling session. This is an ideal two-class or buddy class activity.

2. Baker Boy

Learn Baker Boy’s moves for the chorus of his Hottest 100 hit, Marryuna. Watch the clip on this page for the chorus moves.


Yolngu, mala, our music is growing

I’m using my manikay

The river is flowing – dab

Feel the wind blowing

Yolngu ngali marrtji

Miyak got dirramu

Marryuna, marryuna, marryuna, marryuna.

Check out this next clip to pick up some freestyling ideas.

3. Flipgrid

This is a web-based tool which enables you to record a set of short video clips.

Create an educator login.

Create a new grid, and a new topic. Copy the link to your topic and share this with your students – either on an iPad or a laptop.

TIP: set up a ‘recording booth’ in your classroom and get your students creating, in pairs or one-by-one. Keep videos to under 30sec.

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