Clinton’s Walk

We are learning to locate places in our own country.

We are celebrating the journey of Clinton Pryor.


Watch the video on this page.


Learn more about Clinton Pryor here.


In your group,create an Ozobot map showing Clinton’s journey.


Stretch your thinking. Impress us with your synthesising. Leave a comment on this blog post. Tell us anything which surprised you, puzzled you, anything that you noticed, anything that made you change your mind about Clinton Pryor and Clinton’s Walk.

Fire Safety Message

LEARNING INTENTION: We are learning to create an effective safety message.

What can we make our message about? Here are some ideas from DFES:

  • Being alert and aware of unsafe situations
  • Responding to friends when they are being unsafe with lighters/matches
  • Seeking help
  • Staying calm
  • Responding to fire (Home Fire Escape Plan e.g. smoke alarm, crawling low under smoke, meeting at the letter box; Triple Zero) Indicating on a local map the location of safe places

Use the Pages app on your iPad to create an infographic about one of these. Steps:

  • Open Pages App
  • New document
  • Google search for an image to fit your topic. Save, insert.
  • Create a slogan – a catchy sentence for your message. Insert text box for this.
  • Looking good? Try some editing tools to make it look fantastic.

Pasta Cars

Our learning intentions:

Design and Technologies: We are learning to design a contest.

Personal and Social Learning: We are learning to collaborate on a design task

Science: We are learning to explain how forces can be exerted by one object on another