Digi-Tech Day, Task 5: Makey Makey Dance Mat

Check out how to set up the Makey Makey here.

Use the Makey Makey to create a musical dance mat. Instructions here for the basic dance mat. The easiest way to add the music is with the Makey Makey piano.

Feeling adventurous? Try this dancemat Makey Makey and Scratch combo. You may even be able to work it in with this fabulous Scratch game:

Not feeling challenged enough? Whip up your own MakeyMakey creation.


Digi-Tech Day, Task 4: Bitsbox

Create a simple app which combines at least two of the Bitsbox exercises. Share the app with a friend and get them to give you feedback on your app.

Go to the Bitsbox page here.

Do you remember your sign-in details from Term 1? Don’t forget to save all the apps you create. This will make sharing with a friend much easier. The online tutorials are very useful. Don’t forget to check out my Bitsbox books and trading cards – some good mindstretchers here.

Here’s an example of my YoYo app.


Digi-Tech Day, Task 2: Cup Songs

Check out this clip featuring Anna Kendrick:

1ST CHALLENGE: Create your own original cup-song rhythm. You can’t just use the Anna Kendrick clip one! Record it using any signs, symbols, letters or numbers so that a friend can use it. Record it using Garage Band for someone else to follow.

2nd CHALLENGE:  Create a cup pattern for the Year 1 students to learn, based on ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’. Include a written code and Garage Band recording for a Year 1 buddy to complete.

Feeling creative? Use the ipad app GarageBand to record your own version of the song. Create a cup rhythm and loop it, add guitar chords, and maybe even your voice. You can find the lyrics here:


Recently I visited the Maritime Museum in Fremantle and took a few photos of a statue there.

Would you like to use my photos? I suggest you create a movie telling a personal immigration story. You don’t have to use all of the photos, and you may like to crop some of them to enhance your story.

Let me know if you create something wonderful. It may be worth sharing with the world on the Level Up! blog.

Making Better Movies

Ever wanted to improve your movie making techniques? Find some resources on this page.

1. What do you know already?

Take the Socrative Quiz to work out what you need to improve. Just login as a student and enter Room No: 57344.

2. What’s the connection?

We already know about how visual texts are created. We already know how to make our own story writing extra-special. Contribute to this Padlet to make connections between these and movie-making.

Created with Padlet

3. What Do You Notice?

Find out about video camera techniques here, and camera angles here.

Check out these movies. Which movie techniques did you spot? Complete our Bingo Baker game as you watch.

The State of Skate – Skateistan in Afghanistan from Skateistan on Vimeo.

Poverty – ExplainEverything from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Poverty Movie Trailer from brette lockyer on Vimeo.


4. Learn More about editing

Check out these YouTube tutorials on editing with Windows MovieMaker:

5. Fix It!

Download this movie, edit in MovieMaker to improve it. Aim at making 3 changes.

6. Get creative!

Feeling stuck? Follow this link to help you create an Immigration Story.



We are learning to imagine what life was like in the early days of the Swan River Colony. We are also learning why the Colony was started, and the people who played a role in this.


Watch the movie about Stirling Source: http://aso.gov.au/titles/documentaries/bigger-texas/clip1/.

Read the quotes from Anne Lockyer from the copies provided by your teacher.

Source: Green, Neville & Green, Neville (1984). Broken spears : Aborigines and Europeans in the southwest of Australia. Focus Education Services, Perth [W.A.]

Can you imagine what Captain Stirling or Anne Lockyer might have said? Use the VoiceThread to record yourself thinking and speaking as one of these people.


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