Biblionasium and Learning

Meet the Stormtrooper family! In this movie, can you spot the TECHFAIL moment? Little Stormie needs to explain to Dad how Biblionasium is connected to learning.

We are using Biblionasium during library classes. Leave a comment here: how do you think Bibilionasium is connected to learning? What do you think Little Stormie said to Dad to convince him that he should sign the permission form?

In this movie, Goggles and Spike introduce Biblionasium to our classes:

Goggles and Spike introduce Biblionasium from brette lockyer on Vimeo.

Where In The World? No. 1.

Can you find out the location where this photo was taken? Leave your answer in your comment. Tell me the exact location – either the street address or longitude/latitude. Also, tell me how you found out – which words did you use in your Google Search? What information in the photo was most meaningful?
EXTRA: The statue was in the news last year. Can you find out why?