We are learning to solve a technology problem by working through it systematically.

THE PROBLEM: You are trying to get on to the ‘Level Up’ blog and something is wrong. Work systematically, list the possible problems and how to test each problem.  Use this document accessdenied to record your thinking. Just right-click on this link to save a copy of the document to your own computer.

Plant Exhibition Podcasts – 4B

At the centre of an Inquiry is the reflection on the process. We created podcast episodes by interviewing each other. Our questions were focused on technology process and using information.

Leave a comment for any of the podcast authors to let them know what you think of their thinking, or to ask them a question about their work.

Sienna and Scarlett

Clara and Katie

Bella and Annabelle

Hunter and Cale

David and Royce

Dani and Mia

Bella and Annabelle No. 2

Abbey and Bella

Tristan and Jaxon

James and Callum part 1

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