We are learning to solve a technology problem by working through it systematically.

THE PROBLEM: You are trying to get on to the ‘Level Up’ blog and something is wrong. Work systematically, list the possible problems and how to test each problem. ¬†Use this document¬†accessdenied to record your thinking. Just right-click on this link to save a copy of the document to your own computer.

Plant Exhibition Podcasts – 4B

At the centre of an Inquiry is the reflection on the process. We created podcast episodes by interviewing each other. Our questions were focused on technology process and using information.

Leave a comment for any of the podcast authors to let them know what you think of their thinking, or to ask them a question about their work.

Sienna and Scarlett

Clara and Katie

Bella and Annabelle

Hunter and Cale

David and Royce

Dani and Mia

Bella and Annabelle No. 2

Abbey and Bella

Tristan and Jaxon

James and Callum part 1

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