STAR SWAMP – A Special Place

star-swamp-fodeyOur History and Geography inquiry about this special place is around our question: “Who might want to keep Star Swamp?”

We will be  looking at how people think and feel about Star Swamp. We will also be looking at Star Swamp over time: how has it changed, or stayed the same?



Complete the ‘Where In The World’ Challenge 15.


Think like a Geographer! Use these information sources to think of some words geographers might use to describe Star Swamp:

Use Google Maps to get a close look at Star Swamp Bushland.

City of Stirling brochure

Friends of Star Swamp Website

Choose some of your words to put in a WordFoto of Star Swamp.

Part 3: Bingo Baker

Star Swamp History Trail – Bingo Baker

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