Digi-Tech Day, Task 1:Edison Robots

Your task: program your Edison robot to dance to ‘La Cucaracha’.

To program your Edison, check out the printed Edbook 2 in class. You can also find it online. You will be using the Edware online app for programming on your computer.

Familarise yourself with the Edison with these clips:


Here is the ‘La Cucaracha’ clip:


Sharks! Part 4

How’s Ms Lockyer going on her Sharks! work? Check out my first Scratch game here. I need a bit of help to get it working. Do you have any suggestions?

If you have a Scratch account, you can see the script for my game here, and can perhaps spot my mistakes:


I have had a go at making a graph to help explain what I learnt from the Twitter feed:

shark graph

Can you give me some feedback on my graph? I am wondering how I might improve it. I am also wondering if it shows any AHA! information on our inquiry. Please leave a comment here.


Sharks! Part 2


Watch the movie to work out where our thinking is, and how we can grow our thinking.


Choose a Storify document from this list. The Storify documents are snapshots of the Twitter stream for the Surf Lifesaving Association of WA.


slswa 27 feb






What do you notice? Are there any patterns? How can you summarise the tweets?

SHARKS! Part 1

We are learning to think about what we already know. We are learning to connect our prior thinking with new thinking. We are learning to make thinking connections with others.


Tips for the grid: respect others’ work and do not edit or delete their sentences. You may add to the same square in the PUZZLE or EXPLORE sections. Type your first name after your sentence.