We are learning to create podcasts to share our learning.

Listen to these podcasts from some year 4 students in Melbourne. Their podcast was called Eco-radio and these students were passionate about sustainability and caring for their environment.

Leave a comment here. What did you think of their podcast? Think of the positives, the negatives, and suggest ways they could have improved it. What ideas do you now have for creating your podcast?

Biodiversity – Why Does It Matter?

We are learning about the importance of biodiversity in keeping our planet healthy.

“The bottom line answer to the question about why biodiversity matters is fairly simple: The rest of the living world can get along without us, but we can’t get along without them.” – Sylvia Earle



We are thinking about the different perspectives people can have about the same image.

Choose one person from the list. Write a comment using direct speech which shows their perspective about the poo emoji.

  • An elderly person
  • A parent
  • A five year-old kid
  • A teacher
  • A uni student
  • A Year 7 student

TIP: Before posting, make sure your sentence looks perfect.

WANT TO DO MORE? Post another comment from another person in the list.


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