Let’s Research…Energy in the News

Blocks to store energy – Australian innovation

MGA Blocks

Reading tips: Read the summary at the beginning of the article. Can you recall 3 important facts? Now watch the two videos to add to your understanding.

Quantum Dots – small but game-changing

Quantum Dots

Reading tips: Read the large headings to get a sense of the main idea. Then check out the photos – how do these fit in with the large headings?  Now watch the videos to add to your understanding. Last step: Go back to the top of the article and read until you find the answer to this question: How will quantum dots change solar energy?

Smart Curtains Make a Smart Building

Smart curtains

Reading tip: Don’t even think about reading the whole article, as it’s aimed at industry researchers. The first paragraph is an abstract or summary and you will find it readable and useful. Can you record your new knowledge fast and easy? Try sketchnoting this or Cornell notes.

Gelion Battery Power on the Bench

Gelion smart benches

Reading tips: take time to look carefully at the 3 photos to capture the heart of the article.

Use the useful DRTA strategy which gets you ready to read. Quickly write a list of words that you think will appear in the article. Take a short-cut: just read the first 3 paragraphs. As you read on, tick off the words on your list. 

Let’s layer in another article on the Gelion Technology.

Reading tips: The second article is easier to read, however before reading and viewing,  turbocharge your understanding by thinking of 2 or 3 of your own questions you would like answered about Gelion.

Gelion Technology


CST – concentrated solar thermal

Reading tips: the infographic and the first video in the playlist are good starting points. Show what you know by explaining to a classmate OR creating a cool sketchnote.


This is a very recent article from a reliable source.

Reading tips: As you read the article keep in mind the main heading:

Chill wind: Major renewable energy investor says wind farm ruling to have ‘disastrous’ effect

Another reading tip: Build your thinking around the concept of PERSPECTIVE. What does each side want?

Last reading tip: Use Ms Lockyer’s perplexing question about the Bald Hills wind farm law suit:

‘What kind of community do the people of Bald Hills want to be?’

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