Canva is a useful web-based tool for creating images, presentations and infographics. You will be using a free class account managed by your teacher. You wont need to press any ‘sign up’. You will only be able to use the Canva free images, but will be able to upload your own for use within Canva.

Check these tutorials for the basics.

COMING SOON… Check out Ms Lockyer’s demo Canva. The slides are not perfect! Leave a comment below to suggest how the slides might be improved.

30 thoughts on “CANVA TIPS

  1. Great Work Ms Lockyer!! Maybe try to blend in the colours in your third slide. Maybe take away the black? I like how the pictures give an affect. Also, maybe try to create more slides and put less words on each slide.

  2. Hello Mrs. Lockyer,
    I think it would be best if you could space out your text a bit more to make the reading a little easier. I think you shouldn’t be stingy with how many slides you have; chop up the text a little.
    On the last slide, the majority of it was very squashed up. The contrast was not very matching and there was a lot of empty space.
    Hope this helps!

  3. I think you could work on your positioning of words. I liked the colour choice of the words with the contrast between black, white and red. Maybe you could split the words into two paragraphs or even add a new slide. You could also look at the words and just keep the significant ones and rule out the less important.

  4. I think that on slide three, you should change the word font. The thing is that the font you chose is very hard to read in small print. You should change it to a font that is easier to read in smaller text.

  5. I think that the slides have a nice colour and the texted is readable. But I also think that there were a bit to much words.

  6. This three slide canva is very good, although there are a few things you could improve on.
    The 1st slide was amazing, it clearly showed the point you were trying to achieve, and it is easy to see and visually appealing.

    The 2nd slide’s text covers a large percentage of the page, I know that you like the text and so do I, however you could split the text into two parts, so the reader can read easily. The background is good and definitely can help divide the page.

    The 3rd slide has a good image and the quote is wonderful, the writing and image clash colours, if you changed the colour to orange (the colour of the clothing they are wearing) you could make it visually appealing. If you moved the text to the bottom the reader can easily read it.

  7. I think you should take away more of the writing, and you should get more pictures to represent what you are saying. You should get colours that actually fit with the other colours, like red and blue or yellow and green (something like that). The border for the first slide isn’t useful.

  8. on the three page I liked the photo that you used. But I think that you could have put the picture on top of the words to make the people who look at this Canva more attracted to it. i think that the words might put some people off. I liked the font that you used because it was easy to read, but i think that you should change the color of the words to white so it is easier to read and it matches with the photo

  9. I think in the first one it has very good colour contrast and it uses the rule of thirds as well. In the second one I think the text could be spread out more because mentally it is quite exhausting to read. In the third one I think the colours could be contrasted more and my eyes are drawn more to the black than the text which makes it hard to read the text.

  10. I think slide 1 is really good. I like the layout and the colours go really well together. I like the placement and the shades and how the words that matter are bigger. My feedback for slide 1 is to make the words at the bottom a bit bigger. In slide 2 The ripple at his feet looks nice and it was a good use of the quote. I think that it would look better if you only used a bit of the quote, since it is so big, and maybe choose a different photo.

  11. I think that the first Canva is very effective because the title is clear and the picture suits the fonts that are chosen. I really like how the title: L-Fresh The Lion is bold and the reddish colour matches very well with the picture. On the second Canva I think that the picture suits what the text is about but I think that it looks like a lot of writing. I think that if you made the writing less bold and maybe split it up then it would be more pleasant to read. I think that the picture on this page suits the words but the green colour of the words don’t match the black background of the page. I think that the words could also be split up.

  12. l really liked the intro because of the word formatting and how it all pops out but on the 2nd slide l would break it down onto different slides or just make it simpler. On the 3rd slide, way too many words so what l would do is break it down into 3 slides so then it will not overload the reader. But apart from all that all good

  13. Hello Mrs lockyer

    I think your canva is pretty nice especially the contrast but there are a few things that you can work on. These are you could pick a better colour for some words as they are not very clear, you could separate the big blocks of words and make it smaller. you could go on paint and cover up the one on the 2nd screen.

  14. I believe that on the last page you could add more pictures that are related to the text. The text there has more information then the picture does so I believe you should add more pictures to do with the text.

  15. I really liked the first two ones especially the second one. The third one is weird for my brain because there are colours that are mixing. The colours don’t mix for me. Sorry.

  16. Ms Lockyer,

    I really like the first slide and how it’s set up. I think the colours really match and bring it to life. It also looks really modern. On the second slide, the quote is very detailed. I think you could play around with the fonts and lay – out to make it more readable. On the third slide, I like how you thought about the colour contrast. I think you could play around with the word lay – out again to make it more readable. Well done though and good job.

  17. Your cannva was good because first you showed a picture of how L-Fresh the Lion looks like, then you gave a little information about L-fresh and where he came from. I also liked how you showed a bit of L-fresh’s religion, what sikh’s wear, I also liked how you told information about when L-fresh when he was growing up. I didn’t like where you used the red on the first page, it doesn’t really match. I think on the second page you could have put a big paragraph, you should have split it in half and put it on two different pages or make it sharp and to the point. With the third page you should have use a different colour other wise I like the whole thing.

  18. Dear Ms Lockyer,

    I loved your Canva. It was filled with great colours and images chosen with care. If you wanted to improve your Canva and maximise the effects in your Canva, you could cut some of the text by moving it across multiple slides, and deleting any unneeded text. On the last slide I love your image choice. However the green is a bit difficult to read. If you want to improve this, a bright yellow and a bigger font is a great fix. Yellow goes with the orange of the image and a bigger font makes it easier to read.

    Kind Regards,


  19. The first slide I really liked because the font of the writing fitted well and the colour of the words is not bad but I suggest to change the red to a more happier and more eye spotting color. The background was well fitted. The second slide I would change the font because the words look a bit (…) bold. The background is good but I would try to find something to cover the ‘one’ in the title. The third slide I would change the colour of the words in black to white or a brighter colour. The picture in the bottom to me does fit. but the rest is great.

  20. I liked the different contrast of colours in the first slide. I especially like how you made the pink writing in bold making it easy to see. I think that the colour contrast on the third slide would be better if the writing was in white instead of in green. This would also match the colours in the picture.

  21. What I liked about your canvas is that how you used the rule of thirds in some of your pictures. what you can improve on is your words don’t put too many words on a page just put little chunks of sentences and Mabey spread it out on the next few pages.

  22. I loved your Canva Ms Lockyer but I think you should change the colour of the writing in the last slide. I think this because black and green go together but green orange don’t.

  23. The color don’t flow and they words are to bunched up.

    To improve you could split the words and put them in different places in the image. With colors they need to flow and look graceful

  24. I like the colour contrast on each slide but I think that if you spread out the text on each slide I think it would be easier to read. I think if you put shapes around the text it will be more pleasing and more people would want to read it. I think it was a great canva overall.

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