Digital Game Design

We are learning to describe criteria for a good digital game.

Empathy at the centre of design. watch this clip:

Skim through this site for ideas on what makes a good game.

Think about your process of designing the sunscreeen emoji. What makes a good emoji? Can you use these ideas for digital game design?

Leave a comment here on this blog about anything you would consider a good digital game should have.

32 thoughts on “Digital Game Design

  1. I think a good digital game should have a good purpose on what you need to do, also that you can have a good selection on what you can do.

  2. a good game is a game that includes fun activities flashbacks and fighting games, i thinkk the best game is teken 34567 and mortal combat

  3. a good game is a game that makes your mind work and action packet and it is also good if the game is free just like fortnite

  4. I think that a good game has good people and bad people in it. And it should also have set tasks for you to do that are fun. There also shouldn’t be too much violence, and it shouldn’t be too silly.

  5. I think that in a good game, you have a problem that you are trying to solve, something you want or an objective, and something blocking you from the objective, for example an opposition.

  6. A good game needs to be entertaining, addictive or makes you want to play more. It might have a morrle as well but it does not need to. Also if it is good vs evil it is normal fun.

    • Yes, I agree about a game that makes you want to play it more. I think that I might need an in-built timer so that I don’t forget to cook the dinner or do my exercise! I also agree about the good vs evil, but I would describe this as having opposites as elements in a good game.

  7. I think that a good game should have a purpose , and a story line in certain ones depending on what sort of game you want to create. I also think that you should think about what sort of player you are trying to attract and what they would be interested in ( e.g younger children that are 4 or 5 and are male would enjoy cars and monsters.

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