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View these clips which promote a cleaning product. Leave a blog comment about anything you are wondering about, is bugging you, or that you noticed.


51 thoughts on “CleanIt! Project

  1. The video makes me think that a child made it because he put in no effort to make it because he sprayed the bottle and just put it in the sink then it cleaned and after he sprayed it in his mouth but the cleaning product should have poison so it is fake and also on the bottle it said the person is not real

  2. I think that the Dettol ad was much more ready to be a real TV advertisement then the other one looked like it was filmed with his phone and the fact that he put it on his teeth to clean them makes this very unrealistic and just a comedy stunt.

  3. I think that Wup T Do is a fake product because in the video there is a lot of stains on this dish and did not come off with scrubbing. Then magically after spraying the product on the dish and putting it in water the stains are gone. I think that this product is not real. Also, the bottle is plain white so it is not bright and drawing to the eye.

  4. When I saw the Dettol product it said it kills 99% of germs but then it says it is complete clean. Complete is 100%, why do they do this, why do they lie? When I saw the Wup T Do product I wasn’t really attracted to it because it doesn’t look very clean where as the Dettol looked really clean with the nice green colour.

  5. I feel like the Dettol ad made me want to buy the Dettol product more than the other product shown in the other ad. The Dettol product had a very flourescent colour scheme, and had a clean and trustworthy look. However, the other product was just a white spray bottle with a red label written on the bottle. this made this product very cheap looking and untrustworthy.

  6. I think I trust the first advertisement (the Dettol one) just because it seems more professional and realistic. I know that Dettol has chemicals that can get rid of bacteria. I do not believe the second one because it was full of editing and jump cuts. Also with the sink scene it was very unbelievable because the dirty dish was there and when he sprayed it and put it in the sink there was a jump cut and it was clean.

  7. I think i would of prefered the dettol because it looks more trustworthy and not fake and i think it would of made a better product tan the “Whut To Do” because that cleaning product seemed fake. I thought it was fake because cleaning products always have a chemical or ingredient that doesn’t taste that good. But that guy didn’t react at all so i thought it was water because it looked like it.

  8. Editing. The 2nd advertisement was filled with jump cuts, including the seen where they were showing how the product was used. The jump cut when the was burnt grease all over the pan and with a matter of seconds with no scrubbing involved it became crystal clear. With the dettol advertisement it was pretty and the bottle was a florescent green and there was very persuasive visuals. Personally i would buy the Dettol Product.

  9. I think that the Wup T Do product is seriously fake because the dish handles were actually burnt! Then the man pulled the dish out of the soapy water and the handles were no longer burnt and this year in science we learnt that you cannot reverse burning! Also the man said that you brush your teeth with it which will actually be really dangerous if the product was real because the product would have to have chemicals in it which would poison him.

  10. I think both ads are super edited. They are saying there cleaner is better and to make there cleaner look the best. Most of the time the cleaners are the same and there is pretty much no difference.

  11. I think that the second one was hilarious and that the person filming it and performing it were not thinking things through and made it with super bad editing. I would not want to buy their product.

  12. Yo yo yo hello
    so the Dettol one it kind of let itself down by saying the lava fact and it only does 99.9% clean so it still ill leave bacteria behind
    the what to do one it over edited and the guy seemed drunk when it came to the few second clean

  13. In the first ad when they are wiping the bacteria with Dettol they are wiping it in circle like it it shows on the logo. In the second ad he shows him getting rid of many products and just leaving the wup t do

  14. In wup t do video you can see that there is a big edit out and it looks like water because he sprays it into his mouth. and with the dettol add it look like a really good advertisement and how it says it is clean and disinfect when the cleaned the stove.

  15. I think that the second one had very bad editing and that it cant be a cleaning product because he sprayed it in his mouth.

  16. The first video was informative and told people about how the cleaner works. The second video was a spoof and a joke so it wasn’t very good. It didn’t say anything about how it cleans better than other products and it doesn’t provide any information. The first one also showed how the cleaner cleans all the germs even the ones that can survive in lava. It also provides a comparison.

  17. In the second one I notice that they have used a real person who seems to have a positive feel for the product. Even though it is a spoof real adds use real people to persuade others to buy their product.

  18. I noticed that in the first advertisement, the fact was very bold and it stated that some bacteria that grows on your kitchen counter also can survive lava. They also said that the product kills 99.9% of bacteria, which means it’s killing the good bacteria’s as well. I also think that they said 99.9% of germs to state that if someones counter still has bacteria, they can claim that they must have been a part of the unlucky 0.1%

  19. i wonder if the dettol cleaner actually kills 99.9% of bacteria? As they cannot see the bacteria that might be left there.

  20. In the first video I notice that they’ve used a fact at the start to persuade people to buy their product. This is a good idea because even though it might concern people about the germs in their house it will hopefully make draw them to the product.

  21. I wonder if they are just exaggerating about that the germs and survive in lava in the Dettol add?

    In the second add with Charlie, I wonder if that is actually a real product he made himself or he just put some sort of liquid in a bottle and shook it to create bubbles, because he actually squirted it in his mouth.

  22. I am wondering for the first ad why did they use such a strong saying ” FACT some bactria is inderstructble it can even survie in lava.” and not a saying like “FACT Dettol kills all of your bactria”. I noticed when they said “Dettol,” their voice changes to a more higher sound. and I notice when they were cleaning it away their was a child their so i think they are aiming to sell it to parents.

  23. all of the cleaning ads say it kills 99.9% of germs and it looks so clean but then when you actually use it, it does not look that clean so I wonder why they say it kills 99.9%.

  24. In the first video I think that they made up the fact the germs can survive throw out larva and they said 99.9% clean I think they said that because then on one will sue them if someone gets sick from it.

    and for the second one I think that everything is fate because when he was cleaning the dish and in a second it was clean and that is not possible to clean it so quickly.

  25. The thing that is bugging me about the dettol ad is that it says that some germs can last through lava which is a very big statement it also says that it kills 99.9% so its saying that the 0.1% of the germs aren’t their fault because they did say that it kills 99.9% of germs.

  26. 1st video: It was very smart when it said “bacteria can survive in lava” This is probably not possible.
    2nd video: was very funny and it cracked me up. However that wouldn’t be used in a real ad as it is not as formal

  27. i think this is a very good and smart way of showing how good your product is, it was smart when it said it kills 99.9% of the germs and not 100% because you cannot be sure it will always kill it.
    In the second video, it was very funny and appealing to kids it is a great way to have a laugh and be kind of serious

  28. As for the second advertisement, i noticed that they used a humorous way to represent actual ads that cleaning products use. The spoof advertisement stated some obscure facts like: The cleaning product can clean your teeth and that you can just dump all of the other cleaning products you have for the one encouraged in the ad. I think that these facts and idea’s do represent real ads because in the dettol one it said that it kills 99.9% of bacteria. I think that this kind of resembles real ads because they have the same concept of using obscure facts and idea’s to lure customers to buy their product.

  29. I wonder for the wup t do ad if the person who made it just got a new bowl and replaced it mid video and why did he drink the “cleaning product.”

  30. I think that the first video exaggerated to much. “Did you now some bacteria can survive in lava” Really? And the second one is just to put you off your cleaning products, because it is just silly.

  31. i think the first video was exaggerating a little bit because it said that bacteria can survive in lava which i think is not true the other video was great but not to helpful but in total the Dettol ad helped me mostly

  32. I noted that in the first clip, it started off with a strong statement, making you want you want to buy it, because it will remove most of the bacteria (99.9%) and it will kill the strong bacteria. After that, it showed a mum next to a child and the child was eating off a clean surface. It tied the son in because if that were your son, you would want him clean and making sure he stays hygienic. In the second one, it shows somebody using a fake cleaning product and showing how it cleans things. This is like the real advertisements because they show how to clean, but they do not show the full instructions on how to clean something. They also make it look extremely easy, however, this is not true most of the time. It bugs me how the Dettol advertisement does not have anybody say they terms and conditions, but they have put it in extremely small writing at the bottom of the screen.

  33. I noticed in the second ad (even though it is not real. He still acted like it was real and used a serious voice and i worked out that the man who had the glass containment and he was VERY VERY SILLY. I noticed that on the bottom of the screen it said in read letters “dramaration ( not a real person.

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