How do you think our first podcasters went? Give them some positive feedback as well as one tip for improvement in a comment below. Do you have any ideas how we might improve the whole podcast before publishing? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I liked the choice of play and books it was humorous and perfect for the year 4s. I think that I might want to give it a read. As for the Roger Federer inter view I thought that it was good but I thought needed scores and a real stats for the crowd number and all.

    • Thanks for the tip about getting the Year 4 students to listen. Maybe I will play it to them in Library time. Awesome tip about scores and stats – this would have really added authenticity. I think your podcast-teacher rushed you too much on this one! I hope you play this segment for your family. i think they will be impressed.

      • I wonder who that podcast teacher was? Yes I did think that an atmosphere was also needed say having crowds talking and cheering but of course we didn’t have enough time.

  2. Professor Branestawm
    I think that in Professor Branestawm it could of included a transition or music that would make it better and more interesting. In Professor Branestawm you could have included a transition from the person introducing the book to the people that were speaking as the characters as it would have created a more interesting part of it.

  3. The podcasts didn’t have music so I think that adding music would make it better and also a lot more interesting. I liked how in the Professor Branestawm podcast instead of people just talking about what was good about the book that did a little audio play which encouraged the readers to read the book.

  4. I think that if you are going to say a page of a book not make it so long and maybe have some music or more people speaking and maybe even some jokes.

  5. The Passion circle was nice but I think the volume was a bit low. The Professor brainstawm thing needed to have more practice ahead of time and more voices. The Federer thing was really good and the voicing was brilliant but I think that their should be music in it.

  6. PLAY: Great job guys! It’s a great first edition, and I love the idea of a play. But just a few suggestions; maybe add in a few transition tunes, so you don’t have to keep saying “later”, or “after” and so on. Perhaps you could also read it like a script so we know who’s talking, rather than just continuing on in the same voice. Or, if not perhaps just introduce the characters in a different voice.
    FEDERER INTERVIEW: It was really interesting to have a behind the scenes interview with “Roger Federer”, and the boys did really well to introduce it. I loved the accent, by the way! It was a wonderful idea, and you did really well to carry it out. Maybe next time just add a fake atmosphere, so like a crowd with loud noises and cheers, so it’s like you’re in the stadium. But overall well done to Ms Lockyer, the boys who did the Federer interview, and the girls that performed the podcast play.

  7. professor branestawm was my favorite of them all because I think they spoke well. they put on accents which I imagine would suite the characters they were playing. and the used projection, power, pause and pace.

      • I think that they might need to leave a shorter break in-between sentences in the beginning though but apart from that I thought it went really well!

  8. Roger Federer Interview
    I didn’t like how near the end there was a big pause, then you could of but music or something like that.

  9. I really liked how they put on voices for different characters and the sound effects. I think it would improve the video to have more sound effects.

  10. Roger Federer in Interview

    I valued the amount of true and non-copyright informational and liked the great questions asked and responded. A key improvement would be to add a company and maybe along add some background music. Another improvement would be becoming the character more and putting on a clear Swedish accent. Other than those improvements the interview was great.

    • Yes, I totally agree Ashlyn – the ‘Federer Team’ did an amazing job of using existing facts and quotes form an online article in their writing. When the podcast is actually published and online, we will include the link to the online article in the Show Notes. The ‘accent’ idea is great, but i think this is a tricky one. i would not like any listener to feel that we were putting their culture down by using a fake accent!

  11. Roger Federer Interview would be much more interesting if there was some music every now and then just to spruce up the podcast. I also really liked how it was interesting even without music because of the cool interview format.

  12. PLAY: First of all, well done girls! I like the idea of a play, and it was wonderfully performed. Just next time maybe add a few transition tunes, so you don’t have to keep saying “later”, “after”, and so on. And you might want to introduce the characters as they say something else, so the audience doesn’t get confused. Or you could just introduce the characters in different voices so we know. But overall, job well done girls!
    FEDERER INTERVIEW: Great job boys! I love the idea of a Roger Federer interview, and I think it’ll be a hit for all the listeners! Just one suggestion; maybe you should add a bit of atmosphere, so it feels like you’re really in that stadium! Just a few cheers, and screams from the fans, and it’ll make this so much better! But overall, it was really good.
    So as a result, I think everyone did really well on their plays, and interviews, and I reckon that podcast listeners will want to listen to this new edition!

    • Kayla, your positive feedback is wonderful. I like that tip about transition music replacing those words. The idea about introducing the characters is gold! i wonder how we could find out from our audience how successful the Federer interview is?
      The new edition: have you got an idea for what you would like to do?

  13. Roger Federer Interview
    I think it was great how the Roger Federer Interview had some questions that you would have in a real interview with any tennis players. I think though you could have introduced the TV station at the start and had some music as it transitioned to the interview itself.

    • Zoe, spot-on comment about introducing the TV station at the start. We only just thought of it at the end of recording! Are you interested in creating some transition music? Also, are you going to play this to your family? They might give us some useful feedback.

  14. In the Rodger Federer Interview I suggest some more different character voices.
    I loved the Professor Branestawm! It was funny and I loved the voices!

  15. On the interview, music for transitions would make the whole thin flow better.

    For the reading, if you could add more sound effects other than just the alarm would make that sound effect feel less out of place because everything else is just silent except for the voices.

    Better audio quality for the passions circle would make it easier for people to hear. For example, the last word, cucumber wasn’t very loud. (you could use imovie to edit how loud the audio is.)
    – Pavin

    • Transition music – yes please! Are you able to do some for us?
      I agree about the sound effects. I have a small collection of them on my iDevices to use. I was really happy how we quickly improvised with the alarm clock noise on my iPhone!
      What a good aim, to improve our audio quality. I have a few hacks for this, but please let me know any ideas you have. I’m hoping that someone from the class will be our audio engineer using Audacity, as i’m always a bit rushed.

      • Ok, I think I may be able to make some transition music with beatwave.

        And I also have quite a bit of experience with audacity.

        • Woohoo! Beatwave is a favourite of mine. Also check out Keezy. Pavin, I might get you to help me with Audacity for the second episode. I have a feeling you will do a better job than me!

  16. In regards to the Professor Branestawm play, the voice actors are very good at making the listener travel into the world of Professor Branestawm through their voice, but I think the announcer can be a bit more confident.

    In regards to the Roger Federer, they managed to give us a solid understanding of what Roger Federer felt and went through during and before the game with Zverev, but I think the voice actor of roger can have more of an “Roger Federer” accent.

    • Very useful comments, Lachlan. I agree with the announcer, but I was actually very impressed with Lauren. We just asked her to do it when she was passing by! Do me a favour – can you ask any of your family members to give us feedback also? I would like the opinions of younger/older people.

  17. The Roger Federer interview was quite good but the voice didn’t sound like Roger and the introduction was at the end of the podcast! The Professor brainstorm podcast was also very good but there were quite a few moments of hesitation. Both of the podcasts could use some music but the sound effects for the Professor Brainstorm podcast were great! Lauren

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Lauren. Yes, i agree – the voice didn’t sound like Roger at all! However I’m relieved! The aim is not to impersonate him, but to enable our readers to imaging how he might feel about his tennis.
      i agree about the hesitation moments, but believe that we will improve this with more practice.
      i really appreciate your feedback!
      Ms Lockyer

  18. They were excellent podcasts but not perfect as it could have had more expression, sound and Federer giving a game review like on ABC in the sport article. I’m giving it 6.5 stars out of ten stars.

  19. the Rodger fedora interview was great but at the end there was a long pause maybe you should put something in-between pauses or cut out the long pauses so it would have a better flow.

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