18 thoughts on “R.I.C. RADIO Episode 1

  1. I think that before the interview you should have introduced it so that people knew it was about sport. I think that the music transitions were really good.

  2. Overall a good first episode but if you are going post it onto the internet you need to improve on the intro and possibly produce it in better sound quality.

  3. I believe the first episode of R.I.C Radio was amazing and I enjoyed the subjects mentioned on the podcast. Something you could incorporate is an introduction of the subjects that will be mentioned on the podcast episode. I can’t wait for episode two of R.I.C Radio. x

  4. I think the first episode of RIC radio was good I think the idea of putting the podcasts together was brilliant I think that we could make great 2nd episode of RIC radio

  5. I like how you actually have better audio quality but you should put some more content because more than 75% of the video is just from the interview, the professor brainstawm and the passions circle.

  6. I think in RIC radio episode 1 you should have edited it when in Professor Brainstorm you should have edited it where Zoe stumbled on the words.

  7. Great work guys the only thing that went wrong was I think you should speak a little louder because I could only hear some of you. Great work 6W.

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