Fire Safety Message

LEARNING INTENTION: We are learning to create an effective safety message.

What can we make our message about? Here are some ideas from DFES:

  • Being alert and aware of unsafe situations
  • Responding to friends when they are being unsafe with lighters/matches
  • Seeking help
  • Staying calm
  • Responding to fire (Home Fire Escape Plan e.g. smoke alarm, crawling low under smoke, meeting at the letter box; Triple Zero) Indicating on a local map the location of safe places

Use the Pages app on your iPad to create an infographic about one of these. Steps:

  • Open Pages App
  • New document
  • Google search for an image to fit your topic. Save, insert.
  • Create a slogan – a catchy sentence for your message. Insert text box for this.
  • Looking good? Try some editing tools to make it look fantastic.

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