The Wolves of Norway

We are learning to think like a geographer when comparing global locations.

We are learning about importance of environments to people in three global locations, and how they protect their special places.


Task 1:

Show what you know by taking the Numbat Quiz on Socrative. Our room number is 57344.

Task 2: Watch the YouTube clip to find out more about the wolves at Polar Park, Norway.

Task 3: Think Like a Geographer

Which words can be used to describe the wolves’ environment?

  • Use Google Earth
  • Google Maps
  • World Book Online

Add your best words to our Year 4 Menti word cloud:

Use this code to join the Menti: 26 40 6

Task 4:

We have the help of a buddy class in Norway! They are helping us find out about the geography of Norway. Use Flipgrid to ask your questions for them. You will need the code from your teacher.

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