We are thinking about the different perspectives people can have about the same image.

Choose one person from the list. Write a comment using direct speech which shows their perspective about the poo emoji.

  • An elderly person
  • A parent
  • A five year-old kid
  • A teacher
  • A uni student
  • A Year 7 student

TIP: Before posting, make sure your sentence looks perfect.

WANT TO DO MORE? Post another comment from another person in the list.


Year 6 OLP Podcasts 2020

What’s this all about? In the Creative Writing workshop on Albany OLP, students worked collaboratively to produce podcast episodes. The topic: news reports on the mundane and silly things that happen on camp!

Year 6W


Year 6M


Year 6H


This is a story by our Year 1 author, Jake. Leave a comment for him to give feedback on this story and to encourage him to write more stories.


BLURB: Jack and Bef love nuts. Nuts are good. It is lunch time.

I love nuts.

Jack and Bef like nuts. Jack and Bef are looking for nuts.


Jack and Bef are sad. They want nuts.


Look there is Mip. My friend Mip.

We are looking for nuts, Mip.

Mip came too.

Jack and Bef and Mip found some nuts.

Yum! Yay!


Mum said “It is time for lunch.”

We like lunch. We still have more time.

It was fun. Lots of fun.

Yummy nuts.

Nuts are good.



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